Objects & Places from Mutation

Robin Cook
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Chimera Compound

This location houses a sprawling biotechnology company. Roughly half of the buildings have been renovated and are in daily use, but the other half remain abandoned. The area is under constant security and receives a large amount of high-tech shipping. A large river borders one side.

The Chimera Daycare

This facility is operated at a biotechnology company for its employees. The facility operates seven days a week and VJ periodically stops by the facility to help out.

The Clock Tower

This eight-story feature is the tallest building at the biotechnology company. It is abandoned, but Victor intends to one day renovate it. It sits next to an old sluice gate and millpond, and houses a huge paddle wheel and series of mechanical shafts. Decades ago, the sluice gates diverted river water through the basement of the clock tower to drive the wheel and provide mechanical power...

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