Mutation Fun Activities

Robin Cook
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MUTATION Movie Poster

Create a movie poster for the film version of MUTATION, with its own tagline and artwork. With your poster, include a synopsis of the film and a cast list and the reasons for casting those actors.

Disappearances of Victor and VJ

Victor and VJ's bodies are never recovered at the end of the novel. Write your own prediction about what's become of Victor and VJ at the end of the book, and where they (or their bodies) are a year later during the epilogue.

Blueprint of the Clock Tower

Draw a blueprint of the clock tower and mark important locations and their significance in the book.

VJ as an Adult

Imagine that VJ has escaped death and grown into an adult, living anonymously so that he's not discovered. On his eighteenth birthday, what is VJ like, and what's he doing in his life? Write a...

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