Mutation Character Descriptions

Robin Cook
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Mary Millman

This 22-year-old secretary works in downtown Detroit and receives a large payment for being the surrogate mother of Victor Jr. (VJ).

Marsha Frank

This practicing child psychiatrist with a thriving practice has never fully recovered from the death of a five-year-old son and worries about a second child via a surrogate.

Victor Frank

This medical doctor is one of the founders of an enormously successful biotechnology company, and holds many positions in the company, including president and managing director of the fertility subsidiary business.

Victor Frank, Jr. (VJ)

This blond-haired, blue-eyed, highly intelligent, physically fit character is the result of advanced bioengineering experiments conducted by one of the character's parents.

Janice Fay

This character is a long-term live-in nanny but does not bond with the main child character.

David Frank

This character is the oldest child in the family and does not get along with the...

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