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Robin Cook
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• A surrogate mother implanted with in vitro fertilization bears a son for Victor and Marsha Frank, the biological parents.
• Victor is unnaturally worried during the delivery, and the baby acts oddly, not crying and seeming to look intelligently at Victor.

Chapter 1

• Baby VJ is now ten and child psychologist Marsha is concerned about his lack of emotion, while his father Victor is unconcerned.
• David, Marsha and Victor's younger son, and their nanny, Janice, both died of a rare form of cancer five years ago.

Chapter 2

• Two couples connected with Victor's biological lab who underwent in-vitro fertilization have highly intelligent three-year-olds who both have seizures on the same day.
• VJ allows his father to throw a swimming race, but Victor doesn't believe it and won't listen to his wife's concerns.

Chapter 3

• VJ secretly has large amounts of money stashed in a safety deposit box and spends his days...

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