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Marlo Morgan
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Short Answer Questions

1. What is The Real People's belief that illness and/or injury is an opportunity for?

2. What kind of "process" does the author undergo that involves smoke?

3. What literary category does the book fall into?

4. How does a human being give honor to their universally connected being?

5. What does the author sleep on after they all share a special herb tea?

Short Essay Questions

1. Desribe the journey Marlo is about to undertake?

2. What do the members of the tribe seem to be working together to create and how does the author respond?

3. What do the Aborigines speak of doing as a desire to change the trajectory of their future?

4. Why does the tribe separate into two groups?

5. Why does the author give herself the talent-name of "Dung-Collector"?

6. What is the author instructed to do after the driver and author arrive at the settlement?

7. What does the author feel as Ooota simply starts walking without any announcement?

8. What is the thematic pattern that is apparent in this quest narrative?

9. Explain what Ooota means when he says that mental telepathy is the preferred means of communication for The Real People (Aborigines)?

10. What is the brief disclaimer given by the author?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the metaphorical significance of the burning of the authors clothes and jewelry. Tie in this ritual with Native rituals from around the world. What does the fire symbolize, the clothing symbolize, the jewelry symbolize? Lastly, how and why is the ritual called "purification". What needs to be cleansed in the author, according to the Aboriginal culture?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the healing of Great Stone Hunter and how the bone in his leg slid back into place after chanting and hymns. What other religions and cultures advocate this type of healing? (i.e. Christian Science, Native Americans, etc). How would Western Medicine respond to this type of healing? Is it a sham? Is it considered a dangerous way of thinking and naive hope? Are there any valid points to this type of healing? Tie in as many examples as possible and compare them with dialogue from the book.

Essay Topic 3

Westerners continue to treat animals with antibiotics and steroids in order to speed their growth process for slaughter. In Aboriginal culture, the animals provide themselves as food to the people. This is a stark contrast. In what was has the Western world forgotten it's Aboriginal nature and relationship to the earth in terms of food and nutrition? In what ways are modern agricultural practices completely disrespectful for animals and, as a direct result, the health of humans? Compare your findings with the Aboriginal respect for animals and agriculture.

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