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Marlo Morgan
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who works together to heal Great Stone Hunter's injuries?
(a) Medicine Man and Female Healer.
(b) Female Healer and Ooota.
(c) Ooota and Medicine Man.
(d) Sewing Master and Medicine Man.

2. How does the state of the young Aboriginal people appear to the author?
(a) marrying young and raising children.
(b) intoxicated on alcohol and drugs.
(c) sad but coping through education and programs.
(d) acclimated to their surroundings.

3. Even though the author knows that the move to Australia would be a major change, what does she realize about the opportunity?
(a) she's not completely invested in the work.
(b) she's never going to leave her career.
(c) she's never going to have a chance like this again.
(d) she's never going to make enough money.

4. What does the author marvel at as she releases the pain of walking and walks into the Outback?
(a) the sky and the plains.
(b) the circling falcon and sips of water.
(c) the rise of the land in front of her.
(d) Ooota and his people.

5. What does the author say that nature has as opposed to what the diamonds had?
(a) meaning and value.
(b) expansiveness and protection.
(c) time and circumstance.
(d) value and clarity.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long is a "walkabout"

2. What does the author refer to when she speaks of the one experience in Australia that has made her unhappy?

3. What object does the author remember the woman back in America causes herself increasing stress over?

4. What does the author begin to understand she is respecting about the land and the people of Australia?

5. What is the subtitle of the book?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the one experience in Australia that has made the author unhappy?

2. Why does the author give herself the talent-name of "Dung-Collector"?

3. What does the young man who reads her palm tell the author about why she has come to Australia?

4. Describe the main character in "A Woman's Journey Into Dreamtime Australia"?

5. What is Tribal Elder being told by the young man as he sits on the ground and falls silent?

6. Why is the author invited to move to Australia to work?

7. How does the author learn she has been accepted by the natives?

8. What does the author suggest about indigenous people?

9. What is the author instructed to do after the driver and author arrive at the settlement?

10. What is the brief disclaimer given by the author?

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