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Marlo Morgan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With whom does the author break off a relationship upon returning?
(a) her father.
(b) her landlord.
(c) her daughter.
(d) Geoff.

2. What does the inside of the cave hold?
(a) clothing from mutants.
(b) branches, rocks, and moss.
(c) nothing, it is empty.
(d) artifacts and statues.

3. Which memebers of the tribe does the author stay up and talk with after being too intrigued about the message she must take back to the Mutant World?
(a) Ooota and Peace Maker.
(b) Kindred to Large Animals and Ooota.
(c) Great Stone Hunter and Spirit Woman.
(d) Female Healer and Medicine Man.

4. How do some of the tribal people feel about sitting across from the "mutant"?
(a) angry.
(b) resentful.
(c) happy.
(d) reluctant.

5. What talent does Spirit Woman reveal to the author?
(a) heal the sick.
(b) interpret dreams.
(c) write songs.
(d) care for children.

6. Which tribe member tells the author that she has been chosen to come on this journey in order to fulfill an agreement made between her and another soul before their births?
(a) Memory Keeper.
(b) Spirit Woman.
(c) Great Stone Hunter.
(d) Story Teller.

7. What gifts do Time Keeper and Memory Keeper share?
(a) aiding in memory suppression.
(b) aiding in stopping the hands of time.
(c) aiding in detailed memory recall.
(d) aiding in foreseeing the future.

8. What does Spirit Woman instruct the author to do that would help her dream?
(a) laugh.
(b) sing.
(c) dance.
(d) think.

9. Who does the tribe agree is their camel prey, according to their telepathy skills?
(a) young female.
(b) elderly male.
(c) young male offspring.
(d) elderly female.

10. What is the definition of "dream" to the Aborigines?
(a) a resistance to the Oneness.
(b) a reflection of anxiety.
(c) a culmination of stresses.
(d) a spiritual manifestation.

11. What animal does the tribe draw in the sand and say is the author's totem?
(a) lion.
(b) cheetah.
(c) rabbit.
(d) leopard.

12. Who sits across from the author that she ends up writing about?
(a) Female Healer.
(b) Medicine Man.
(c) Great Stone Hunter.
(d) Sewing Master.

13. What does the tribe use for instruments?
(a) found objects.
(b) ready made drum sets.
(c) guitars.
(d) utensils.

14. What is among the grove of trees as the tribe walks?
(a) soggy marsh.
(b) twisted and tangled branches.
(c) rock formations.
(d) ornate spider webs.

15. What does the tribe plead with author to keep secret?
(a) telepathy.
(b) Time Keeper's skill.
(c) the healing of Great Stone Hunter.
(d) the location of the cave.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which member f the tribe leads the morning prayer ritual?

2. How does the tribe communicate with the four camels they encounter?

3. Where do the members of the tribe hold a concert?

4. Which member of the tribe makes the offer for his talent to connect with large beasts be used?

5. What does the author do as the tribe is butchering the camel and preserving the blood, organs, kins, and meat?

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