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Marlo Morgan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of music is performed?
(a) rock.
(b) improvization.
(c) reggae.
(d) folk.

2. What is the author allowed to leave on the time-keeping wall in the sacred cave?
(a) a lock of her hair.
(b) her signature.
(c) her handprint.
(d) her rock.

3. What does the tribe plead with author to keep secret?
(a) the location of the cave.
(b) Time Keeper's skill.
(c) the healing of Great Stone Hunter.
(d) telepathy.

4. What does the author see in the distance that is completely out of place in the flatness of the desert?
(a) a mountain.
(b) a hill.
(c) a mound.
(d) a grassy patch.

5. What does the author contemplate as she stares at the stars?
(a) the aging process.
(b) the mating process.
(c) the death process.
(d) the child-rearing process.

6. What talent does Spirit Woman reveal to the author?
(a) interpret dreams.
(b) write songs.
(c) care for children.
(d) heal the sick.

7. How do some of the tribal people feel about sitting across from the "mutant"?
(a) reluctant.
(b) resentful.
(c) happy.
(d) angry.

8. What force of nature envelopes the tribe, separates them, injures some, and washes away many of their belongings?
(a) a windstorm.
(b) a hailstorm.
(c) a sandstorm.
(d) a rainstorm.

9. To who or what do the tribal people offer their talent to in the morning after the concert?
(a) Source Light.
(b) the Oneness.
(c) Buddha.
(d) God.

10. What is the author's new career?
(a) a speaker on the teachings of the Aborigines.
(b) a speaker on the rigors and hardships of the Outback.
(c) a speaker on herbs and healing chants.
(d) a speaker on the politics the Aborigines.

11. What does the authors dream mean, according to Spirit Woman?
(a) her life is fragile.
(b) her life is a blessing and a curse.
(c) her life will undergo signifcant change.
(d) her life is static and unmoving.

12. What does the author teach the tribe after the celebration?
(a) Jazz dance.
(b) North American classic dance.
(c) Ballet.
(d) North American country dances.

13. What lesson does the kangaroo teach?
(a) to move forward.
(b) to keep going.
(c) to skip over problems.
(d) to stay close to your children.

14. What specific holiday does the author awake and claim with conviction?
(a) Thanksgiving.
(b) Christmas Day.
(c) Easter Morning.
(d) Passover.

15. What is the word "mutant" best described as?
(a) its a mandate.
(b) it is genetic.
(c) its a belief.
(d) its an attitude.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the author saved by after the storm?

2. What does the author create that the tribe has great fun using?

3. What object stays tantalizingly out of walking distance?

4. What do Time Keeper and Memory Keeper perform on the author?

5. Where has the author heard the story that Story Teller has told her before?

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