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Marlo Morgan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which member of the tribe has a celebration involving a banquet and a storytelling in her honor?
(a) Spirit Woman.
(b) Female Healer.
(c) Kindred to Large Animals.
(d) Secret Keeper.

2. Where do the members of the tribe hold a concert?
(a) by the river.
(b) in a canyon.
(c) at their camp.
(d) in a valley.

3. What do the tribes people hold up and announce they have found the perfect container for the mutant who is addicted to water?
(a) large hooves.
(b) large leaves.
(c) sturdy hides.
(d) camel bladder.

4. What does Spirit Woman instruct the author to do that would help her dream?
(a) sing.
(b) laugh.
(c) dance.
(d) think.

5. What does the author teach the tribe after the celebration?
(a) North American country dances.
(b) North American classic dance.
(c) Ballet.
(d) Jazz dance.

6. How do The Real People choose to end their lives?
(a) they choose to let fate decide.
(b) they choose to let God take them.
(c) they choose to shut down their bodies.
(d) they choose disease.

7. Which member f the tribe leads the morning prayer ritual?
(a) Medicine Man.
(b) Spirit Woman.
(c) Great Stone Hunter.
(d) Female Healer.

8. What does the author hear as she prays to the Oneness for help in finding water?
(a) Be Grateful.
(b) Be Eyes.
(c) Be Mindful.
(d) Be Water.

9. What does the author see in the distance that is completely out of place in the flatness of the desert?
(a) a mound.
(b) a grassy patch.
(c) a hill.
(d) a mountain.

10. What is the word "mutant" best described as?
(a) it is genetic.
(b) its a mandate.
(c) its an attitude.
(d) its a belief.

11. How do some of the tribal people feel about sitting across from the "mutant"?
(a) reluctant.
(b) happy.
(c) angry.
(d) resentful.

12. Where do Time Keeper and Memory Keeper lead the author?
(a) over the wood bridge.
(b) through the rock path.
(c) down to the trees.
(d) into the cave.

13. Which member of the tribe runs out into the desert and returns with a large green leaf?
(a) Bringer of Happiness.
(b) Kindred to Large Animals.
(c) Great Stone Hunter.
(d) Spirit Woman.

14. What does the tribe plead with author to keep secret?
(a) the location of the cave.
(b) telepathy.
(c) the healing of Great Stone Hunter.
(d) Time Keeper's skill.

15. Where does each person place the leaf with the aim to re-create the leaf?
(a) on their abdomen.
(b) balanced on their head.
(c) into the ground.
(d) in their palm.

Short Answer Questions

1. With whom does the author break off a relationship upon returning?

2. Who does the author learn are getting ready to allow their souls to join the Great Oneness?

3. What does the author reveal she has lost track of?

4. Who is the focus of the final ceremony?

5. What does the eat for a meal after finding the pool of water?

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