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Marlo Morgan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of "process" does the author undergo that involves smoke?
(a) a detoxification process.
(b) a purification process.
(c) a religious process.
(d) an inspirational process.

2. Where is the author taken to watch the natives perform?
(a) a private home.
(b) the Outback.
(c) a shed.
(d) a grove of trees.

3. What does the young man tell Tribal Elder that he has found and killed and is preparing to bring it back to the tribe?
(a) a lion.
(b) a dove.
(c) a kangaroo.
(d) a rabbit.

4. How does a human being give honor to their universally connected being?
(a) by loving.
(b) by creating.
(c) by giving.
(d) by taking.

5. How long was the drive across the desert?
(a) ten hours.
(b) four hours.
(c) two hours.
(d) five hours.

6. What is the name of the author's guide?
(a) Taoa.
(b) Ooota.
(c) Otaoo.
(d) Otaa.

7. What is the main issue that is explored in the book?
(a) spirituality.
(b) humanity.
(c) nature.
(d) physicality.

8. What is the subtitle of the book?
(a) A Woman's Impact on Dreamtime Australia.
(b) A Women's Journey into Dreamtime Australia.
(c) A Woman's Spiritual Quest.
(d) A Dream in Australia.

9. What does the tribe engage in during the process of returning Great Stone Hunter to his original healthy state?
(a) singing and weeping.
(b) praising and worshipping.
(c) praying and weeping.
(d) singing and chanting.

10. What is beginning to ease for the author?
(a) the fear of being with strangers.
(b) the cold of the air against her skin.
(c) the pain in her feet.
(d) the feeling of loneliness.

11. What does the author have to forgive herself for?
(a) her anger.
(b) her racism.
(c) her past.
(d) her elitism.

12. How old is the main character of the book?
(a) middle aged.
(b) late teen.
(c) senior citizen.
(d) young adult.

13. What is the author supposed to be honored for?
(a) her efforts to stop poverty.
(b) her efforts to provide medical care to the Aborigines.
(c) her efforts to help disadvantaged Aborigines.
(d) her efforts to eradicate illiteracy .

14. What does the man who reads the author's palm tell her about why she has come to Australia?
(a) to fulfill her destiny.
(b) to fulfill the destiny of the Aboriginal people.
(c) to realize she loves her home and must return.
(d) to become a humanitarian.

15. Where does a walkabout take place?
(a) wherever it is assigned.
(b) in a village.
(c) in the Outback.
(d) in a colony.

Short Answer Questions

1. What name does the tribe give the author?

2. What does the author hope will someday happen between Native people and western culture?

3. What object does the author remember the woman back in America causes herself increasing stress over?

4. Whose grave do the author and tribe encounter on their journey?

5. What object does Tool Maker reconstruct while Ooota points out that the tribe does not make judgement of other peoples belief?

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