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Marlo Morgan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of performance does the author watch the natives perform?
(a) a rain dance.
(b) a rhythmic dance.
(c) a celebration of life.
(d) a purification ritual.

2. What is The Real People's belief that illness and/or injury is an opportunity for?
(a) opportunity to discover what is wrong.
(b) opportunity to learn more about medicine.
(c) opportunity to release toxins.
(d) opportunity to appreciate the gifts of existence.

3. How does the state of the young Aboriginal people appear to the author?
(a) acclimated to their surroundings.
(b) intoxicated on alcohol and drugs.
(c) marrying young and raising children.
(d) sad but coping through education and programs.

4. What does the author notice about the state of the tribe?
(a) they are very healthy.
(b) they are very peaceful.
(c) they are very happy.
(d) they are very productive.

5. What is the book primarily inspired after?
(a) a spiritual desire.
(b) interviews.
(c) research.
(d) actual experience.

6. What practice does the tribe never participate in?
(a) keeping track of the hours.
(b) arranged marriage.
(c) counting the days on a calendar.
(d) birth control.

7. How does a human being give honor to their universally connected being?
(a) by taking.
(b) by creating.
(c) by loving.
(d) by giving.

8. What does the driver tell the author to remove from her body?
(a) her clothes.
(b) her clothes and jewelry.
(c) her jewelry.
(d) her shoes.

9. What does the author envision is happening as the creatures surround her?
(a) she's at a beauty spa in New York.
(b) she's on a spiritual path.
(c) she's sick with pneumonia.
(d) she's on vacation.

10. What object does the author remember the woman back in America causes herself increasing stress over?
(a) designer shoes.
(b) a diamond necklace.
(c) designer clothes.
(d) handbags.

11. Where is the author taken to watch the natives perform?
(a) a shed.
(b) the Outback.
(c) a private home.
(d) a grove of trees.

12. What does the young man drink that makes him sick?
(a) alcohol.
(b) contaminated water.
(c) juice from poison berries.
(d) urine.

13. What kind of "process" does the author undergo that involves smoke?
(a) an inspirational process.
(b) a purification process.
(c) a religious process.
(d) a detoxification process.

14. What does Ooota tell her about all other types of communications?
(a) they lead to results.
(b) they are faster.
(c) they are more efficient.
(d) they are lies.

15. What does the author sleep on after they all share a special herb tea?
(a) a few heaps of sand.
(b) a pile of sticks.
(c) a bundle of hides.
(d) a child's sleeping bag.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the young man and Tribal Elder participating in that allows for them to communicate freely?

2. What object does Tool Maker reconstruct while Ooota points out that the tribe does not make judgement of other peoples belief?

3. What does the author immediately suffer injuries to from thorny grass called spinifex?

4. What does the man who reads the author's palm say about about the birth of the person she will meet'?

5. What does the author refer to when she speaks of the one experience in Australia that has made her unhappy?

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