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Marlo Morgan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sort of creatures surround the author and cleanse her body of dead skin, her nose of obstructions, and her ears of wax?
(a) wasps.
(b) hornets.
(c) locusts.
(d) flies.

2. Where is the author taken to watch the natives perform?
(a) the Outback.
(b) a private home.
(c) a grove of trees.
(d) a shed.

3. What practice does the tribe never participate in?
(a) keeping track of the hours.
(b) arranged marriage.
(c) birth control.
(d) counting the days on a calendar.

4. How does a human being give honor to their universally connected being?
(a) by creating.
(b) by taking.
(c) by loving.
(d) by giving.

5. What object does the author remember the woman back in America causes herself increasing stress over?
(a) a diamond necklace.
(b) designer shoes.
(c) designer clothes.
(d) handbags.

6. What does the author marvel at as she releases the pain of walking and walks into the Outback?
(a) the rise of the land in front of her.
(b) the sky and the plains.
(c) Ooota and his people.
(d) the circling falcon and sips of water.

7. What is the "talent-name" the author gives herself?
(a) Icing Dream.
(b) Dung Collector.
(c) Bee Charmer.
(d) Fly Accepter.

8. What does Ooota tell her about all other types of communications?
(a) they are faster.
(b) they are lies.
(c) they lead to results.
(d) they are more efficient.

9. What do the Tribal People feel is the best way to heal from an injury?
(a) call of nature for guidance.
(b) slow down and contemplate.
(c) use telepathy to call in healers.
(d) rush for assistance.

10. What is the name of the author's guide?
(a) Otaoo.
(b) Otaa.
(c) Ooota.
(d) Taoa.

11. What does the author offer in gratitude for on a daily basis that affects her physical well being?
(a) health and healing hands.
(b) plants and animals that offer sustenance.
(c) water and clothes for her body.
(d) herbs and dried fruit for her pains.

12. What is the author invited to teach about the benefits and uses of?
(a) an improved education system.
(b) an innovative medical diagnostic tool.
(c) an innovative agricultural invention.
(d) a strategic defense system.

13. What did the young girl of the tribe find and wear and then return to the earth?
(a) a leaf.
(b) a flower.
(c) a twig.
(d) an animal hide.

14. What is the reason Female Healer and Medicine Man believe Great Stone Hunter got injured for?
(a) so the author would understand telepathy.
(b) so the author would understand the dangers of the Outback.
(c) so the author could observe the methods of tribal healing.
(d) so the author could know what a true walkabout entails.

15. What object does Tool Maker reconstruct while Ooota points out that the tribe does not make judgement of other peoples belief?
(a) a cross.
(b) a star.
(c) a crescent moon.
(d) an anvil.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old is the main character of the book?

2. What is the name of the native Australian people?

3. What is the book primarily inspired after?

4. What does the author decide to do when Ooota takes the lead on the walkabout?

5. What does the disclaimer suggest is the genre of the book?

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