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Marlo Morgan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who works together to heal Great Stone Hunter's injuries?
(a) Sewing Master and Medicine Man.
(b) Medicine Man and Female Healer.
(c) Female Healer and Ooota.
(d) Ooota and Medicine Man.

2. What is the author supposed to be honored for?
(a) her efforts to help disadvantaged Aborigines.
(b) her efforts to eradicate illiteracy .
(c) her efforts to stop poverty.
(d) her efforts to provide medical care to the Aborigines.

3. Where does a walkabout take place?
(a) in a colony.
(b) in a village.
(c) in the Outback.
(d) wherever it is assigned.

4. What does the author learn about the communication between all living things?
(a) no one is capable of mental telepathy.
(b) there is mass communication available at all times.
(c) there is a spiritual center.
(d) there is an inter-relationship.

5. What is the name of the main character?
(a) Margaret Lewis.
(b) Marlo Morgan.
(c) Morgan Smith.
(d) Marla Morgan.

6. What is the author learning to do in ways she had never learned before?
(a) to love and care for herself.
(b) to feed herself physically and spiritually.
(c) to forgive herself.
(d) to love and care for others.

7. Whose grave do the author and tribe encounter on their journey?
(a) an American.
(b) a woman.
(c) a long-forgotten mutant.
(d) a tribalman.

8. What do the tribesman cook that the author thinks she cannot eat?
(a) a kangaroo.
(b) a snake.
(c) spiders.
(d) a white worm.

9. What sort of creatures surround the author and cleanse her body of dead skin, her nose of obstructions, and her ears of wax?
(a) hornets.
(b) locusts.
(c) wasps.
(d) flies.

10. What does the man who reads the author's palm say about about the birth of the person she will meet'?
(a) their spirits are meant for a brief connection.
(b) the birth of this person is a blessed event.
(c) their spirits were born under opposing stars.
(d) their spirits were born of the same moment and agreed to now meet.

11. What does everyone else do when Tribal Elder falls silent?
(a) everyone follows suit.
(b) everyone begins to talk.
(c) everyone begins to worry.
(d) everyone stands.

12. What does the author contemplate after she observs the healing of Great Stone Hunter?
(a) alternative healing practices.
(b) the nature of Chinese medicine.
(c) spa and beauty treatments.
(d) the nature of western medicine.

13. How does the state of the young Aboriginal people appear to the author?
(a) intoxicated on alcohol and drugs.
(b) acclimated to their surroundings.
(c) sad but coping through education and programs.
(d) marrying young and raising children.

14. What does the author immediately suffer injuries to from thorny grass called spinifex?
(a) her calves.
(b) her shoulders.
(c) her feet.
(d) her face.

15. What does the young man tell Tribal Elder that he has found and killed and is preparing to bring it back to the tribe?
(a) a rabbit.
(b) a kangaroo.
(c) a lion.
(d) a dove.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the disclaimer suggest is the genre of the book?

2. What does the driver give the author shortly after their introduction?

3. Who is the author met by when she arrives?

4. How does a human being give honor to their universally connected being?

5. What are the young man and Tribal Elder participating in that allows for them to communicate freely?

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