Mutant Message Down Under Short Essay - Answer Key

Marlo Morgan
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1. Describe the main character in "A Woman's Journey Into Dreamtime Australia"?

The main character is Marlo Morgan, a middle-aged, American woman and health care professional.

2. Desribe the journey Marlo is about to undertake?

Marol will be taken on a physical and spiritual journey though the wilds of Australia.

3. What is the thematic pattern that is apparent in this quest narrative?

The themative pattern explores issues relating to humanity's relationship to nature, faith, and itself.

4. What does the author suggest about indigenous people?

The author suggests that the story of the Aboriginal people in Australia are similar to those of other indigenous peoples, such as Native American who live a life transcendent of need.

5. What is the brief disclaimer given by the author?

The author suggests that her book is a work of fiction that is inspired by her experience in Australia and that it could have taken place anywhere where the true meaning of civilization is still alive.

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