Objects & Places from Mutant Message Down Under

Marlo Morgan
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Mutant Message Down Under (the book)

The publication of this book was a trigger for considerable controversy because it was written as a work of fiction, but the author also makes clear that it was inspired by [her] experience in Australia.


This is the setting for almost the entirety of the narrative's action.

The Outback

This name is given to the expansive, extreme center of Australia where most of the narrative's action takes place.


This is the term used in Australia to describe the traditional Aboriginal practice of walking through the Outback in search of spiritual enlightenment.

The Oneness

This is the term used by the Aborigines to describe what in other belief systems might be described as Spirit, Great Mystery, the Holy Ghost, Yoga, or Karma (or, in popular culture, The Force) and means, essentially, that all beings, all things (living and non-living) are connected...

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