Mutant Message Down Under Fun Activities

Marlo Morgan
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Travel Brochure

Create a brochure advertising Australia and the Outback. Include the people that you will meet, the sights you will see, and the positive reasons why you should take the trip.

A Walkabout Journal

Create your own Walkabout journal. Include the thoughts you think as you read through the book. How would you react to someone burning your clothes and jewelry? How would you feel walking on feet that were sore and injured? Include your revelations as well as your challenges.

Medical Journal Article

Write a medical journal article describing in detail what happen with the healing of Great Stone Hunter. Be vivid and use medical terms in order to shine a spotlight on the ancient practice of healing the author describes.

Spreading the Message

Think of a marketing campaign that you could use to help sell the message of MUTANT MESSAGE DOWN UNDER and "The Real...

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