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Marlo Morgan
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Essay Topic 1

Define the literary genre: Memoir. Discuss the 3 major ways in which Memoir differs from fiction and non-fiction. Next, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Memoir. Is this current trend something that is attracting bloggers, diary writers, and other such writers to the field? When is a Memoir considered a literary work of art?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the metaphorical significance of the burning of the authors clothes and jewelry. Tie in this ritual with Native rituals from around the world. What does the fire symbolize, the clothing symbolize, the jewelry symbolize? Lastly, how and why is the ritual called "purification". What needs to be cleansed in the author, according to the Aboriginal culture?

Essay Topic 3

Describe the use of the literary element of foreshadowing, most evident in the rock. Also discuss how the Aborigine named Tribal Elder proves to be an important link to the author's past...

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