Mutant Message Down Under Character Descriptions

Marlo Morgan
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Marlo Morgan (Narrator)

This character is the book's author and narrator; a middle-aged, female, American health care professional.

The Real People

This is the name for the group of indigenous types who seem to be similar to indigenous societies around the globe in that they are in tune with nature, experience a strong spiritual connection to the spirit of life, and live free of material and/or political attachments or agendas.

The Fortune Teller

This character is a mysterious individual who appears in a café where Marlo is to meet a friend and colleague and reads her palm.


This character is Marlo's guide, and while in some ways he is her guardian and defender, he is also an adversary; he argues strenuously, at times, that she is not ready to learn what the Aborigines have to offer.

Tribal Elder (Regal Black Swan)

This character is portrayed as...

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