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Marlo Morgan
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• "A Woman's Journey into Dreamtime Australia" tells the story of Marlo Morgan.

• Marlo Morgan is a middle-aged, American woman and health care practitioner.

• Marlo has taken on a physical and spiritual journey through the wilds of Australia.

• There is a narrative and thematic pattern similar to those of many other quest narratives.
• The author comments that the book was inspired by actual experience.

• She suggests that the story of the Aboriginal people are similar to those of other indigenous peoples such as the Native Americans.

• She adds that many Western countries strive to improve race relations, the Aboriginals live a life transcendent of such needs.

• She invites the reader to enjoy the book and that she has taken on a new name to reflect her time in Australia, Traveling Tongue.

Chapter 1

• The author gives a disclaimer that her book is a work of fiction that is inspired...

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