Objects & Places from Musashi

Eiji Yoshikawa
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The village where Mitahachi's mother and fiancée live and where Mitahachi and Musashi grew up.


The plains where the battle takes place in which both Musashi and Matahachi are wounded.


The small town Matahachi and Musashi are headed toward after being wounded at Sekigahara.


A medicine made of mugwort that is used as a topical painkiller.

Itadori Pasture

A small plain on the Takateru Mountain where Otsu and Takuan go to find Musashi.

Yagyu Valley

The place that captures Musashi because of the old trees and land unscarred by battle. It is also the place where Musashi hears Otsu's flute but runs away from her.

The Field of Rendaiji

Where Musashi is to meet Seijuro for a bout.


The ancient capital and city where the majority of the action takes place.


The temple where Musashi remains to heal after his encounter...

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