Musashi Character Descriptions

Eiji Yoshikawa
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This character encourages Matahachi to join Ishida Mitsunari's army, leading to the battle in which they are both injured. This character is a troublemaker in his village and wants to fight in order to gain respect. He is tall for the people of the time and is called a child of the fat year because of his size.


This character is constantly seeking some easy way to fame and fortune and goes so far as to steal the identity from a certificate he takes from a warrior's body. It is not until this character is spared from death that he realizes that he has to do something to make his own life better.

Susake Kojiro

He encounters Toji and cuts off his topknot and then agrees to accompany Yoshioka Seijuro to his school.


She is completely under her mother's control until she finally runs away...

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