Musashi Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Eiji Yoshikawa
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Book I, Earth

• Takezo and Matahachi wake up on a battlefield surrounded by dead bodies. They walk to the nearest farmhouse where a woman called Oko takes them in.

• Takezo and Matahachi meet a man called Tsujikaze. He tells them he knows Oko and her daughter Akeni steal items from corpses and sells them on. He says he deserves a share in their fortune.
• Oko hides everything in preparation for Tsujikaze's visit and gives Takezo a sword.

• When Tsujikaze arrives a fight erupts between the three men. Eventually, Takezo kills Tsujikaze.
• Worried that Tsujikaze's followers will seek their revenge for his death, Oko and Akemi and Matahachi and Takezo plan to go their separate ways. Matahachi and Takezo decide to go back to their village, however in the morning Takezo is shocked to find Matahachi has left without him.

• Matahachi's fiance Otsu has waited a year for Matahachi's...

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