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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Interlude.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what year does the Interlude take place?
(a) 1117.
(b) 1070.
(c) 1007.
(d) 1170.

2. What is NOT one of the things that Beckett says they rejoice in?
(a) The sacrifice of Christ for our sins.
(b) Christ coming for the salvation of men.
(c) The Christmas pageant.
(d) Taking Communion.

3. Who does the Third Tempter represent?
(a) The People of Canterbury.
(b) The King.
(c) English barons.
(d) English Merchants.

4. What does the First Tempter predict for Becket if he does not "leave well alone?"
(a) God will show his wrath.
(b) Everything will be set right.
(c) His fat lady will sing.
(d) HIs goose may be cooked.

5. Which specific Canterbury martyr does Beckett ask the congregation to remember?
(a) Archbishop Beckett.
(b) St. John the Apostle.
(c) Archbishop Elphage.
(d) John the Baptist.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many visitors did Beckett expect?

2. How does the structure of the dialogue change during Becket's first temptation?

3. Knowing what you know about the situation Beckett is in and his character traits, what might be the most likely way to describe Beckett's state of being after his last speech to his flock?

4. What important message does the Messenger convey to the Priests?

5. What character(s) opens the play with the first monologue?

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