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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Interlude.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is an effective speaking tool that Beckett uses in his speech?
(a) Repetition.
(b) Alliteration.
(c) Hyperbole.
(d) Tears.

2. According to Beckett's speech, what was the fate of the disciples?
(a) Peace in Heaven.
(b) Death by crucifixion.
(c) Death by martyrdom.
(d) A happy ending.

3. What is one of the reasons Beckett would allow himself to be killed?
(a) To aid in the salvation of man.
(b) To prove the King wrong.
(c) For the glory of martyrdom.
(d) For revenge.

4. Whose idea is being echoed when Beckett talks of the promise of peace being "a disappointment and a cheat?"
(a) The Four Tempters.
(b) The Three Priests.
(c) The Four Knights.
(d) The Chorus.

5. What is the first action that the Second Priest wants to take to welcome the Archbishop back to Canterbury?
(a) Lead a prayer.
(b) Have a feast.
(c) Have the fires lit in his rooms.
(d) Throw a celebration in his honor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Fill in the blanks: "For who on the world will both _______ and ________ at once and for the same reason?"

2. Who are the first two characters who speak of "the wheel" on separate occasions?

3. When will the First Tempter remember Becket?

4. What would be the most likely reaction of the Canterbury people that this is Beckett's last sermon?

5. What is not one of the events of the past seven years that the Chorus describes?

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