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Act 1

• A group of women from Canterbury known as the Chorus introduce themselves as witnesses to an oncoming tragedy.

• Following the Chorus, three priests also lament the seven-year absence of Archbishop Becket and the political intrigue that has occurred in that time.

• A messenger arrives to tells the priests that Archbishop Becket has returned to England and is on his way to the Cathedral.

• The Chorus begs Becket to return to France to avoid calamity and are admonished by the Priests for voicing their nagging doubts.

• Archbishop Thomas Becket arrives at the Cathedral where he is welcomed by the Priests.

• Becket explains an intricate plot to avoid danger on his journey to Canterbury.

• The First of Four Tempters enters and attempts to take advantage of one of Becket's hubris': the love of pleasure; Becket rejects his temptations easily.

• The Second Tempter enters to offer Becket his former political...

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