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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Princess Dragomiroff's first name?

2. Who claims to own the handkerchief?

3. Poirot gives Michel a list of passengers and second list containing what?

4. Which clue was most likely planted to mislead Poirot?

5. What is the real identity of the Countess?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does Poirot find the missing uniform?

2. What is the true identity of Miss Debenham?

3. Which of Poirot's questions trips up Miss Debenham?

4. How did Colonel Arbuthnot react to Poirot's inquiry about the pipe cleaner?

5. What caused the murderers' original plan to go awry?

6. What other thing did the Princess lie about to Poirot?

7. Why does Poirot believe some of the clues have been faked?

8. What item convinces Bouc and Constantine that Poirot is on the right track?

9. What does Poirot find when he goes to his compartment to get his cigarettes?

10. How does Hildegard Schmidt determine the time of the murder?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The murderers were counting on the case running smoothly because of the involvement of the regular police. The murderers became alarmed when they recognized Poirot. What was the difference between the police solving the crime and the case being solved by Poirot? Would the mysterious conductor have been more effective? What about the red kimono and false clues?

Essay Topic 2

MacQueen presented an odd manner when discussing Ratchett/Cassetti. At first MacQueen seemed pleased to have the job but eventually admits that he did not like Ratchett/Cassetti. MacQueen also states that he believes that Ratchett was an alias and that the man was on the run. Finally, MacQueen kept repeating the fact that Ratchett did not speak French but MacQueen did. Explain these behaviors and how they were detrimental to the murderers' plan.

Essay Topic 3

The culmination of the story is when Poirot solves the crime. One of the main aspects that assisted in solving the case was when Poirot connected the passengers to America even though several had denied ever leaving their native countries. How did Poirot come to this conclusion? Do you think the same theory would still be true in modern times? Explain. How do you think the Armstrongs became acquainted with the multi-national staff?

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