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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the Countess claim to remember so little?

2. What was the importance of the grease spot?

3. What was Masterman's relationship with Colonel Armstrong?

4. Where is Miss Debenham working temporarily?

5. Why does Poirot suspect Countess Andrenyi?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Dr. Constantine describe Miss Debenham?

2. Which of Poirot's questions trips up Miss Debenham?

3. Why does Poirot believe some of the clues have been faked?

4. What was Foscarelli's position with the Armstrong family?

5. What item does Poirot expect to find in Hildegard Schmidt's luggage?

6. Why does Bouc have suspicions about Foscarelli?

7. What is the true identity of the Countess Adrenyi?

8. What item is found in Mrs. Hubbard's sponge bag?

9. What caused the murderers' original plan to go awry?

10. How does Poirot manage to get the Count and Countess alone?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

At one point in the story, M. Bouc minimalizes the fact that there has been a murder. Instead, Bouc becomes more concerned with the fact that the murder happened on his company's train. Explain Bouc's thoughts and if the thoughts were realistic? How could the murder affect the Orient Express? Would it affect the reputation of the train or simply deter people for a short time? How might the murder affect Bouc's career?

Essay Topic 2

The culmination of the story is when Poirot solves the crime. One of the main aspects that assisted in solving the case was when Poirot connected the passengers to America even though several had denied ever leaving their native countries. How did Poirot come to this conclusion? Do you think the same theory would still be true in modern times? Explain. How do you think the Armstrongs became acquainted with the multi-national staff?

Essay Topic 3

Dr. Constantine had a low opinion of Foscarelli. The doctor thought that Foscarelli could easily be responsible for the murder due to his nationality. What were Dr. Constantine's reasons for making such a statement? Do you think that the reputation of the Italians is justified? Is the prejudice still practiced today?

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