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Short Answer Questions

1. What event is temporarily held up by the investigation?

2. What accusation does Poirot present to Miss Debenham?

3. What is Miss Debenham's first name?

4. What was the name of Daisy Armstrong's nurse?

5. In Russian the letter N appears as what letter in English?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was Miss Debenham's reaction when Poirot asked if she was upset about Ratchett's death?

2. What item is found in Mrs. Hubbard's sponge bag?

3. How does the Countess act when Poirot is searching through her luggage?

4. How does Hildegard Schmidt determine the time of the murder?

5. What item convinces Bouc and Constantine that Poirot is on the right track?

6. Why does Poirot believe some of the clues have been faked?

7. Why does Bouc have suspicions about Foscarelli?

8. What other thing did the Princess lie about to Poirot?

9. How does Poirot think the outcome would have changed if the police had been involved?

10. What discovery caused Poirot to link the handkerchief to the Countess?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Poirot took an instant dislike to Ratchett saying that he did not like the man's face. Poirot also refused to take Ratchett's case saying that he didn't need the money enough to take a case he wasn't interested in pursuing regardless of the reward. Explain what Poirot meant by the initial comment about his dislike of Ratchett. Do you think the reaction was due to instinct, training or experience? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

Miss Debenham had more than reason to lie about her identity? What were the reasons? Do you think the reasons were practical or foolish? What could Miss Debenham have done that would have been more convincing?

Essay Topic 3

The Countess Adrenyi was the second person to unveil her true identity. How did Poirot discover that the Countess' passport was a fake? What tipped Poirot off that the handkerchief belonged to the Countess? Did Poirot believe the Countess' claim that she had few memories of the Armstrong's household staff?

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