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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Poirot suspect Countess Andrenyi?
(a) She has no alibi
(b) Her accent is false
(c) She acts suspicious
(d) She knew Mrs. Armstrong's mother

2. How did Miss Debenham react when the train was delayed in Syria?
(a) Frantic
(b) Confused
(c) Angry
(d) Annoyed

3. What is Miss Debenham's profession?
(a) Model
(b) Reporter
(c) Nurse
(d) Governess

4. In Russian the letter N appears as what letter in English?
(a) H
(b) V
(c) M
(d) R

5. How does Poirot categorize Miss Debenham?
(a) Indignant
(b) Passionate
(c) Distant
(d) Nervous

6. What is the difference between the even numbered and the odd numbered compartments?
(a) The bolts are located in different places
(b) The odd numbered compartments don't have windows
(c) The even numbered compartments have only 1 bed
(d) There is no difference

7. Poirot gives Michel a list of passengers and second list containing what?
(a) 10 questions
(b) Alibis
(c) Altered train schedule
(d) Suspects

8. What is Princess Dragomiroff's first name?
(a) Helena
(b) Svetlana
(c) Natasha
(d) Natalia

9. Which of the following does not pertain to the knife wounds?
(a) Created a design
(b) Left handed
(c) Right handed
(d) Both shallow and deep

10. Why does the Countess claim to remember so little?
(a) She was drugged
(b) She was very young
(c) She was away at school
(d) She was asleep

11. Who claims to own the handkerchief?
(a) Miss Harris
(b) Countess Andrenyi
(c) Princess Dragomiroff
(d) Mrs. Hubbard

12. What possibly altered the murderer's plan?
(a) Ratchett wasn't in his compartment
(b) The unknown conductor
(c) Getting stuck in the snowdrift
(d) Being interrupted by Mrs. Hubbard

13. Why does Constantine claim that the Princess could not have killed Ratchett?
(a) They were secretly married
(b) She has a solid alibi
(c) Not enough strength
(d) Too short

14. What does Poirot find odd about Princess Dragomiroff's maid?
(a) Education
(b) Nationality
(c) Temperment
(d) Age

15. Why couldn't the unknown conductor be one of the people Poirot had met?
(a) Unknown conductor was probably a woman
(b) Build was too small
(c) The unknown conductor was the only one to lose a button
(d) All of their voices were masculine

Short Answer Questions

1. Hildegarde takes pride in what skill?

2. To whom does Poirot refer as a "highly suspicious character?"

3. Why does Poirot suspect more than one murderer?

4. Where is Miss Debenham working temporarily?

5. What item does Poirot retrieve from his compartment?

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