Murder on the Orient Express Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What prompts the military officer to stay in Poirot's company at the train station?

The military man has been assigned to wait with Poirot.

2. What is so odd about Miss Debenham's association with Colonel Arbuthnot?

One minute the couple is cold and the next they are passionate.

3. What is Miss Debenham's initial reaction to Poirot?

Miss Debenham says to herself that Poirot seems peculiar and harmless.

4. What causes the delay on the train?

There is a small fire in the dining car that must be attended to before the train can go on.

5. What is Ratchett's purpose for wanting protection from Poirot?

Ratchett believes that he has enemies who might want to harm him.

6. What is Poirot's reaction to Ratchett?

Even though Ratchett offers "big money" for Poirot's help, the detective refuses because he does not like Ratchett's face.

7. Why does the train stop in Belgrade?

The train stops so that the Orient Express can pick up another car.

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