Murder on the Orient Express Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Part 1: Chapters 1, 2 and 3

• Famous detective Hercule Poirot waits to board a train in Syria.

• Poirot witnesses strange encounters between Miss Debenham and Colonel Arbuthnot .
• Poirot is called back to England and books a trip on the Orient Express.

• M. Bouc uses his influence to get a first class berth for Poirot.
• Poirot meets the main characters, including Ratchett who tries to hire Poirot for protection.

• Poirot refuses because he does not like Ratchett's face.

Part 1: Chapters 4 and 5

• The train stops in Belgrade to take on another car

• Poirot is moved to a berth beside Ratchett who is annoyed
• MacQueen acts strangely when he realizes Poirot is not leaving the train

• Mrs. Hubbard tells Poirot she has a bad feeling about Ratchett
• A disturbance wakes Poirot

• Ratchett has been murdered

Part 1: Chapters 6, 7 and 8

• Poirot questions MacQueen about his relationship with Ratchett

• MacQueen details job duties including his job as...

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