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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why doesn't Poirot want James to be arrested?
(a) To protect Caroline's feelings
(b) Because he and James have become friends
(c) Because he knows James didn't mean to commit murder
(d) Because he still needs more information from James

2. James and Poirot discover that Mrs. Ferrars was blackmailed and discuss which of the following people as a suspect?
(a) Parker
(b) Miss Russell
(c) Raymond
(d) Mr. Ackroyd

3. Ralph wanted to conceal his marriage to Ursula until he could do what?
(a) Get out of financial trouble.
(b) Move away.
(c) Slowly get his uncle used to the idea.
(d) Break up with Flora gently.

4. James gives Poirot what?
(a) A letter from Flora.
(b) A letter from Miss Russell.
(c) A newspaper article to read.
(d) His manuscript containing case facts.

5. Poirot asks the group what important question at the meeting?
(a) Who was in the room with Mr. Ackroyd at 9:30?
(b) Who is the blackmailer among you?
(c) Who else is hiding something?
(d) Who knows where Ralph is?

Short Answer Questions

1. James' secret is that he met Ralph after the murder and told him what, causing Ralph to leave?

2. Mrs. Ackroyd admits what to James?

3. Who is frustrating Inspector Raglan, as Chapter Twenty opens?

4. Who is in such disbelief that he/she calls the police to confirm the situation?

5. Poirot says what about Ralph's footprints?

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