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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Caroline walk?
(a) To a neighbor's house
(b) Through the woods
(c) By the seashore
(d) Downtown

2. Caroline and Flora both tell James that they don't think which person is guilty?
(a) Ralph
(b) Raymond
(c) Miss Russell
(d) Blunt

3. John's last name is?
(a) Samson
(b) Sheppard
(c) Sanford
(d) Sherwood

4. Why does Miss Gannet tell James that Mrs. Ferrars and Mr. Ackroyd broke off their engagement?
(a) Mr. Ackroyd was planning to move away.
(b) Mrs. Ferrars planned to see someone else.
(c) Mrs. Ferrars was a gambler.
(d) Mrs. Ferrars had an addiction to sleeping pills.

5. What is James told about inquiries at the train station?
(a) The station was busy that night, so inquiries may be unsuccessful.
(b) Inquiries are already being made.
(c) There are no plans to make any inquiries.
(d) The station was not busy that night, so they expect inquiries to be successful.

Short Answer Questions

1. To whom did Mr. Ackroyd leave 1,000 pounds in his will?

2. Who tells James that Ralph is in town?

3. What does James tell Officer Davis that was familiar about the mysterious man he saw the night of the murder?

4. What is the Intelligence Corps?

5. Someone at the Three Boars Inn said the stranger had what sort of accent?

Short Essay Questions

1. Using the information in Chapter Two, describe the supposed relationship between Mr. Ackroyd and Mrs. Ferrars. Why were they close?

2. Describe what Mr. Ackroyd confides to James, in Chapter Four.

3. In Chapter One, how does James feel about Caroline's theory regarding Mrs. Ferrars' death?

4. What is the Intelligence Corps and what role does it play, in Chapter One?

5. Describe James and Caroline's new neighbor, Mr. Poirot, using information from Chapter Three.

6. In Chapter Eight, why is James told that an inquiry at the train station may be unsuccessful?

7. What remark does Mrs. Ackroyd make during the meeting, in Chapter Twelve, and what is Flora's response?

8. Describe the mysterious conversation Caroline hears between Ralph and a girl in the woods, in Chapter Three.

9. Describe clues that everyone tells the police and that the police themselves find, after Mr. Ackroyd's body is discovered, in Chapter Five.

10. Describe the discussion between James and Officer Davis, in Chapter Six.

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