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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why doesn't Inspector Raglan want Mr. Poirot to work on the case?
(a) Raglan thinks it is too dangerous for a civilian.
(b) Raglan doesn't like Mr. Poirot's general attitude.
(c) Raglan wants the glory of solving the case himself.
(d) Raglan suspects Mr. Poirot in the murder.

2. John's sister's name is?
(a) Caroline
(b) Candace
(c) Carlotta
(d) Connie

3. According to Mr. Poirot, Mr. Ackroyd wants Ralph to marry whom?
(a) Miss Finch
(b) Miss Foster
(c) Miss Flora
(d) Miss Ferris

4. Officer Davis questions James about the blackmailer because it was mentioned to him by whom?
(a) Raymond
(b) Flora
(c) Parker
(d) Blunt

5. What item was moved at the crime scene?
(a) A table
(b) A glass
(c) A cabinet
(d) A chair

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is murdered at Fernly Park, according to Parker?

2. What does James tell Officer Davis that was familiar about the mysterious man he saw the night of the murder?

3. Someone at the Three Boars Inn said the stranger had what sort of accent?

4. Who is Hector Blunt?

5. The Inspector thinks which piece of evidence is most important?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Caroline think Miss Russell may be the killer, but James disagrees?

2. What did Mr. Ackroyd say to James, in Chapter Two, that James knew to be untrue and why did James know that?

3. Describe the discussion between James and Officer Davis, in Chapter Six.

4. What remark does Mrs. Ackroyd make during the meeting, in Chapter Twelve, and what is Flora's response?

5. In what ways does Flora act suspicious, in Chapter Nine?

6. What important question is asked asked regarding fire during Poirot's first trip to the crime scene, in Chapter Twenty.

7. What does Caroline tell Poirot, in Chapter Eleven, that upsets James and why?

8. What two important clues were found by Poirot and James, at the end of Chapter Eight, and where were they found?

9. Whose fingerprints does Poirot tell the inspector that he forgot to check against the prints on the murder weapon?

10. Explain the relationship, in Chapter One, between Dr. James Sheppard and his sister, Caroline.

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