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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Caroline think Mr. Ferrars died?
(a) He died of heart failure
(b) Mrs. Ferrars poisoned him.
(c) He died in his sleep
(d) He died of old age

2. Chapter 11 opens with Mr. Poirot interviewing whom?
(a) Mrs. Fielding
(b) Mrs. Folliott
(c) Mrs. Ferdinand
(d) Mrs. Ferguson

3. Why is James upset with Caroline?
(a) She did not cook dinner as she promised.
(b) She will not speak to him.
(c) She is helping to incriminate Ralph.
(d) She is not helping with the investigation.

4. What is Fernly Park?
(a) A park
(b) A museum
(c) A stadium
(d) A house

5. To whom did Mr. Ackroyd leave 1,000 pounds in his will?
(a) Mrs. Ackroyd
(b) Parker
(c) Flora
(d) Miss Russell

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose fingerprints are not taken right away?

2. Mr. Ackroyd says that Ralph is where?

3. Raymond says he overheard what at 9:30?

4. How has Mr. Ackroyd been killed?

5. Why doesn't Inspector Raglan want Mr. Poirot to work on the case?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain why James does not want to go with Flora to see Poirot, in Chapter Seven.

2. Based on the information given in Chapter Two, describe the village.

3. What does Caroline tell Poirot, in Chapter Eleven, that upsets James and why?

4. What remark does Mrs. Ackroyd make during the meeting, in Chapter Twelve, and what is Flora's response?

5. Describe examples of some of the interesting information that Mr. Poirot supplies to James about Mr. Ackroyd and Ralph.

6. In what ways does Flora act suspicious, in Chapter Nine?

7. All evidence is beginning to point to Ralph as the possible blackmailer, including what?

8. Using the information in Chapter Two, describe the supposed relationship between Mr. Ackroyd and Mrs. Ferrars. Why were they close?

9. What is the Intelligence Corps and what role does it play, in Chapter One?

10. As a result of Mr. Ackroyd announcing Ralph's engagement to Flora, what did Ursula do?

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