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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Hector Blunt?
(a) A well-known doctor.
(b) A farmer.
(c) A well-known hunter.
(d) An amateur writer.

2. Ralph tells James what about Ralph's relationship with his stepfather?
(a) They have some problems now and then.
(b) They are having major problems.
(c) They are getting along fine.
(d) They never speak.

3. Who does James live with?
(a) His parents
(b) His friend
(c) His wife
(d) His sister

4. The Inspector thinks which piece of evidence is most important?
(a) Ralph's disappearance
(b) Fingerprints on the dagger
(c) The phone call
(d) Footprints outside

5. Miss Russell says she has pain where?
(a) Her stomach
(b) Her shoulder
(c) Her elbow
(d) Her knee

Short Answer Questions

1. Poirot tells whom that the quill from the summer house might have been used for taking heroin?

2. Why is James upset with Caroline?

3. Based on the initial inscribed on the ring, who might be a suspect?

4. Who has become close friends with Mrs. Ferrars?

5. Chapter 11 opens with Mr. Poirot interviewing whom?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Caroline think Miss Russell may be the killer, but James disagrees?

2. What idea does Poirot have about why Charles Kent went to Fernly Park the night of the murder?

3. In Chapter Twenty-four, Poirot's maid walks in with what object and what significance does it have?

4. Describe the relationship between Miss Russell, Mr. Ackroyd, and Mrs. Cecil Ackroyd.

5. In Chapter Twenty-three, Poirot insinuates that nobody was actually in the room when Mr. Ackroyd died. How does he account for the conversation that was heard?

6. In Chapter Fourteen, who finally tells his/her story of the secret they've been hiding and what is it?

7. What admissions does Parker make, in Chapter Seventeen?

8. As the final chapter opens, what does James say about his manuscript?

9. In Chapter Fifteen, what is the significance of homemade jam?

10. Why do the police call, near the end of Chapter Seventeen?

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