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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mrs. Ackroyd says that Mr. Ackroyd was what, regarding money?
(a) Generous
(b) A good investor
(c) Greedy and tightfisted
(d) A poor investor

2. Where does Caroline think Ralph is?
(a) Cranchester
(b) Winchester
(c) Manchester
(d) Worcester

3. Poirot announces what to everyone?
(a) That the police are in the next room
(b) That the police are on their way now
(c) That the police already have the murderer in custody
(d) That he did not invite the police to the meeting on purpose

4. Caroline thinks that who might have secretly married Flora already?
(a) Ralph
(b) Parker
(c) Blunt
(d) Raymond

5. Poirot wants everyone at Fernly Park to meet where?
(a) At Fernly Park
(b) At Poirot's house
(c) At James and Caroline's house
(d) At the Inn

6. What do James and Poirot ask Mr. Hammond about?
(a) Mr. Ackroyd's financial records
(b) How well he personally knew Mr. Ackroyd
(c) How well he personally knew Mrs. Ferrars
(d) Mrs. Ferrars' financial records

7. Poirot has a newspaper announcement sent saying that Ralph was captured where?
(a) London
(b) Charchester
(c) Dorchester
(d) Liverpool

8. The next morning, what happens?
(a) The funerals take place.
(b) Caroline goes missing.
(c) Someone else is found dead.
(d) Ralph returns.

9. Poirot asks the group what important question at the meeting?
(a) Who is the blackmailer among you?
(b) Who else is hiding something?
(c) Who was in the room with Mr. Ackroyd at 9:30?
(d) Who knows where Ralph is?

10. Poirot thinks that the killer used the chair to conceal what item on the table?
(a) The will
(b) A letter
(c) A wine glass
(d) A dictaphone

11. Poirot wants James to do what regarding his manuscript?
(a) Finish it.
(b) Burn it.
(c) Leave it with Poirot.
(d) Give it to Caroline.

12. What does Poirot tell Blunt that makes Blunt happy?
(a) Flora did not commit the murder.
(b) Flora doesn't really love Blunt.
(c) Flora doesn't really love Ralph.
(d) Flora is not the blackmailer.

13. Caroline tells James that what event happened at Poirot's house today?
(a) There was an unusual noise.
(b) There was a fire.
(c) There was a male visitor.
(d) There was a female visitor.

14. Caroline reminds James to tell Poirot about what?
(a) Miss Russell's odd questions
(b) Raymond's visit
(c) Mrs. Ackroyd's confession
(d) Ralph's boots

15. What does Poirot ask Caroline to find out about Ralph's shoes?
(a) Size
(b) Color
(c) Type
(d) Who else owns similar shoes

Short Answer Questions

1. Ursula insisted on telling whom about the marriage, after she heard the announcement of Ralph and Flora's engagement?

2. Of the following people, who did Ursula have a major fight with the day of the murder?

3. James seems unconcerned by Poirot's accusations and even does what during the exchange?

4. Poirot suggests that, rather than be arrested, James does what?

5. Who is Charles Kent?

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