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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who summons James to his/her bedside?
(a) Flora
(b) Caroline
(c) Poirot
(d) Mrs. Ackroyd

2. Caroline tells James that which person stopped in looking for Poirot?
(a) Blunt
(b) Flora
(c) Raymond
(d) Mrs. Ackroyd

3. Who suddenly appears at the meeting?
(a) Inspector Raglan
(b) Caroline
(c) Mr. Hammond
(d) Ralph

4. Why does Poirot think Charles Kent went to Fernly Park the day of the murder?
(a) Because he was lost
(b) Because he was seeing Flora
(c) Because he was born in Kent
(d) Because he was looking for a good place to hide from police

5. Poirot says that which person could not be the killer because they had no motive to make the phone call.
(a) Ursula
(b) Flora
(c) Ralph
(d) Parker

6. When they return from their walk, whom do Poirot and James find in James' house?
(a) Ursula
(b) Flora
(c) Parker
(d) Raymond

7. Ursula comes from what sort of family background?
(a) Orphaned at a young age
(b) Poor family
(c) Wealthy family
(d) Abusive family

8. Poirot thinks that the killer used the chair to conceal what item on the table?
(a) The will
(b) A letter
(c) A wine glass
(d) A dictaphone

9. How does James identify Kent?
(a) His fingerprints
(b) His face
(c) His voice
(d) His footprints

10. Poirot wants everyone at Fernly Park to meet where?
(a) At the Inn
(b) At Fernly Park
(c) At James and Caroline's house
(d) At Poirot's house

11. Who walks into the meeting with a telegram?
(a) A young boy from town
(b) Mr. Hammond
(c) Caroline
(d) Poirot's maid

12. Poirot theorizes that Blunt did not hear Mr. Ackroyd at 9:30 the night he died because it was actually what?
(a) Parker
(b) A message on the dictaphone
(c) Raymond
(d) James

13. Of the following people, who did Ursula have a major fight with the day of the murder?
(a) Mr. Ackroyd and Ralph
(b) Flora and Mr. Ackroyd
(c) Mr. and Mrs. Ackroyd
(d) Ralph and Flora

14. Half an hour before Mr. Ackroyd's death, Ursula met whom in the summer house?
(a) Flora
(b) Mrs. Ackroyd
(c) Ralph
(d) Mr. Ackroyd

15. James speaks to whom first at Fernly Park?
(a) Mrs. Ackroyd
(b) Parker
(c) Raymond
(d) Ursula

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom does Poirot tell James he asked for a favor to help solve the case?

2. James' secret is that he met Ralph after the murder and told him what, causing Ralph to leave?

3. Why does Poirot think the chair was pulled out?

4. Poirot has a newspaper announcement sent saying that Ralph was captured where?

5. Where did Ralph go into hiding?

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