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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Poirot suggests that, rather than be arrested, James does what?
(a) Hide at the inn
(b) Overdose on sleeping pills
(c) Hide in Poirot's attic
(d) Leave town

2. How did Ursula and Ralph meet?
(a) Through Ursula's job
(b) In a store
(c) At a party
(d) Through Ralph's job

3. Caroline tells James that what event happened at Poirot's house today?
(a) There was a female visitor.
(b) There was a male visitor.
(c) There was a fire.
(d) There was an unusual noise.

4. Caroline tells James that which person stopped in looking for Poirot?
(a) Raymond
(b) Mrs. Ackroyd
(c) Flora
(d) Blunt

5. What major discovery do James and Poirot make about Charles Kent?
(a) He is Mrs. Ackroyd's son.
(b) He is Mr. Ackroyd's son.
(c) He is Miss Russell's son.
(d) He is Mr. and Mrs. Ferrars' son.

6. Who summons James to his/her bedside?
(a) Poirot
(b) Caroline
(c) Flora
(d) Mrs. Ackroyd

7. Where does Caroline think Ralph is?
(a) Winchester
(b) Manchester
(c) Cranchester
(d) Worcester

8. Who does Poirot say he knows blackmailed Mrs. Ferrars?
(a) Raymond
(b) James
(c) Blunt
(d) Ursula

9. Caroline reminds James to tell Poirot about what?
(a) Mrs. Ackroyd's confession
(b) Miss Russell's odd questions
(c) Ralph's boots
(d) Raymond's visit

10. Ralph wanted to conceal his marriage to Ursula until he could do what?
(a) Break up with Flora gently.
(b) Get out of financial trouble.
(c) Move away.
(d) Slowly get his uncle used to the idea.

11. What does Poirot tell Blunt that makes Blunt happy?
(a) Flora did not commit the murder.
(b) Flora doesn't really love Blunt.
(c) Flora doesn't really love Ralph.
(d) Flora is not the blackmailer.

12. Of the following people, who did Ursula have a major fight with the day of the murder?
(a) Mr. Ackroyd and Ralph
(b) Mr. and Mrs. Ackroyd
(c) Ralph and Flora
(d) Flora and Mr. Ackroyd

13. What unusual name does Poirot call Ursula?
(a) Miss Ackroyd
(b) Mrs. Ackroyd
(c) Miss Ferrars
(d) Mrs. Paton

14. Half an hour before Mr. Ackroyd's death, Ursula met whom in the summer house?
(a) Mrs. Ackroyd
(b) Flora
(c) Mr. Ackroyd
(d) Ralph

15. Mrs. Ackroyd admits what to James?
(a) Stealing the money
(b) Owning the ring
(c) Changing the will
(d) Leaving the silver drawer open

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Poirot eliminate Parker as the person who made the call?

2. What does Poirot ask Caroline to find out about Ralph's shoes?

3. What does Poirot show James an article about?

4. Caroline thinks that who might have secretly married Flora already?

5. When they return from their walk, whom do Poirot and James find in James' house?

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