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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Caroline walk?
(a) To a neighbor's house
(b) By the seashore
(c) Downtown
(d) Through the woods

2. Why does the officer take the murder weapon to the billiard room?
(a) To question James
(b) To find where it came from
(c) To question Raymond
(d) To set up the murderer

3. Who does Poirot ask to help him question Blunt?
(a) Flora
(b) Parker
(c) James
(d) Hammond

4. To whom did Mr. Ackroyd leave 1,000 pounds in his will?
(a) Parker
(b) Miss Russell
(c) Flora
(d) Mrs. Ackroyd

5. As Chapter Thirteen opens, Poirot invites whom to dinner?
(a) Mrs. Ackroyd
(b) Flora
(c) James
(d) Caroline

6. What is the name of the house that Mr. Ferrars left to his wife?
(a) Royal Pond
(b) King's Paddock
(c) Fernly Park
(d) Queen's Palace

7. Caroline and Flora both tell James that they don't think which person is guilty?
(a) Blunt
(b) Ralph
(c) Raymond
(d) Miss Russell

8. John's sister's name is?
(a) Connie
(b) Carlotta
(c) Caroline
(d) Candace

9. How does Caroline think Mr. Ferrars died?
(a) Mrs. Ferrars poisoned him.
(b) He died of old age
(c) He died of heart failure
(d) He died in his sleep

10. The Inspector thinks which piece of evidence is most important?
(a) The phone call
(b) Fingerprints on the dagger
(c) Footprints outside
(d) Ralph's disappearance

11. Why does Flora say she happy?
(a) Flora always hated her uncle and was glad to see him dead.
(b) Flora did not want to marry Ralph and hoped he got arrested
(c) Her uncle left her money.
(d) Ralph was no longer a murder suspect.

12. What does Flora tell Parker when she sees him walking to Mr. Ackroyd's room with drinks?
(a) Mr. Ackroyd said he wasn't thirsty.
(b) Don't disturb him.
(c) She will take the drinks to him herself.
(d) Mr. Ackroyd is not in his room.

13. Who is Hector Blunt?
(a) A well-known doctor.
(b) A well-known hunter.
(c) A farmer.
(d) An amateur writer.

14. Who is Miss Russell to Mr. Ackroyd?
(a) The neighbor
(b) The nanny
(c) The chef
(d) The maid

15. Why is Flora worried about Ralph?
(a) She saw him with a woman.
(b) She thinks the police suspect him.
(c) She hasn't seen him for a week.
(d) He is sick.

Short Answer Questions

1. Based on the initial inscribed on the ring, who might be a suspect?

2. Miss Russell says she has pain where?

3. Flora is so upset that she asks Raymond to do what?

4. Who arrives during Poirot's questioning about the stranger?

5. Ralph was secretly speaking to whom?

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