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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Blunt notices something glimmering where?
(a) The pond
(b) The path
(c) The bushes
(d) Up a tree

2. John's sister's name is?
(a) Caroline
(b) Connie
(c) Candace
(d) Carlotta

3. Who arrives during Poirot's questioning about the stranger?
(a) Mr. Harrison
(b) Mr. Hammond
(c) Mr. Harper
(d) Mr. Harris

4. Ralph wants to avoid making Mr. Ackroyd angry for what reason?
(a) He might be kicked out of the house.
(b) He is afraid Mr. Ackroyd will kill him.
(c) He doesn't want Mr. Ackroyd to get sick from stress.
(d) He might be cut out of the will.

5. What is the parlor maid's name?
(a) Cynthia
(b) Sylvia
(c) Victoria
(d) Ursula

6. Poirot tells James what about people?
(a) They don't always tell the truth.
(b) They like to help each other.
(c) They are always honest.
(d) They are complicated.

7. Where was the dagger usually kept?
(a) In a cabinet in Mr. Ackroyd's bedroom
(b) In a table in the drawing room
(c) In a box in the billiard room
(d) In a desk drawer in the library

8. Based on the initial inscribed on the ring, who might be a suspect?
(a) Anyone whose name has the initial R
(b) Anyone whose name has the initial F
(c) Anyone whose name has the initial P
(d) Anyone whose name has the initial A

9. Who does Mr. Ackroyd invite to dinner?
(a) Mrs. Cecil Ackroyd
(b) Caroline
(c) James
(d) Miss Russell

10. What did Mr. Poirot ask Mr. Ackroyd to do?
(a) To introduce him to the people in town.
(b) To hold on to an important document for him.
(c) To conceal his identity.
(d) To keep quiet about his profession.

11. Caroline gives Poirot what?
(a) A note she found
(b) A list of James' patients
(c) A list of suspicious people in the neighborhood
(d) Money

12. What does Poirot think of James' theory about Ursula?
(a) It is the same as Poirot's theory.
(b) It is interesting.
(c) It is flawed.
(d) It is correct.

13. How does Caroline think Mr. Ferrars died?
(a) He died in his sleep
(b) He died of old age
(c) He died of heart failure
(d) Mrs. Ferrars poisoned him.

14. Mr. Poirot tells Caroline that they should find Ralph soon or what will happen?
(a) The police will arrest Ralph for murder on sight.
(b) Ralph will die.
(c) Flora will not marry Ralph.
(d) It will look very bad for Ralph.

15. Why doesn't Inspector Raglan want Mr. Poirot to work on the case?
(a) Raglan suspects Mr. Poirot in the murder.
(b) Raglan thinks it is too dangerous for a civilian.
(c) Raglan wants the glory of solving the case himself.
(d) Raglan doesn't like Mr. Poirot's general attitude.

Short Answer Questions

1. James and Caroline talk about their new what in Chapter Three?

2. Who tells James that Ralph is in town?

3. Who is Hector Blunt?

4. Who becomes an immediate suspect due to his/her strange behavior?

5. What is Flora's reaction to Mr. Ackroyd's death?

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