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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Mr. Ackroyd invite to dinner?
(a) James
(b) Miss Russell
(c) Caroline
(d) Mrs. Cecil Ackroyd

2. Who is Mrs. Cecil Ackroyd?
(a) Mr. Ackroyd's wife
(b) Mr. Ackroyd's daughter
(c) Mr. Ackroyd's sister
(d) Mr. Ackroyd's sister-in-law

3. Why does the officer take the murder weapon to the billiard room?
(a) To question James
(b) To set up the murderer
(c) To find where it came from
(d) To question Raymond

4. Who tells Mr. Ackroyd that they are being blackmailed?
(a) James
(b) Mrs. Ferrars
(c) Miss Russell
(d) Ralph

5. Flora is so upset that she asks Raymond to do what?
(a) Call the police
(b) Leave the house
(c) Send a formal announcement of the engagement
(d) Send everyone home

6. Who is murdered at Fernly Park, according to Parker?
(a) Miss Russell
(b) Caroline
(c) Mrs. Ferrars
(d) Mr. Ackroyd

7. What does Caroline think James should search for regarding Mrs. Ferrars?
(a) A murder weapon
(b) An accidental cause of death
(c) A suicide letter
(d) Next of kin to notify

8. Mr. Ackroyd says that Ralph is where?
(a) Paris
(b) London
(c) Dublin
(d) New York

9. Mrs. Ackroyd asks James to discuss what with Mr. Ackroyd?
(a) Caroline's gossiping
(b) Mr. Ackroyd's illness
(c) Flora's settlement
(d) Ralph's will

10. What does Flora tell Parker when she sees him walking to Mr. Ackroyd's room with drinks?
(a) Don't disturb him.
(b) Mr. Ackroyd said he wasn't thirsty.
(c) She will take the drinks to him herself.
(d) Mr. Ackroyd is not in his room.

11. Mrs. Ackroyd and Flora are from where?
(a) Scotland
(b) France
(c) Ireland
(d) Canada

12. What is the Intelligence Corps?
(a) A military group
(b) A book discussion club
(c) A group of people who gossip with John's sister
(d) A secret detective agency

13. Who finds a gold ring?
(a) Poirot
(b) James
(c) Flora
(d) Blunt

14. Whose shoes do the prints outside the window match?
(a) Parker's
(b) Raymond's
(c) Ralph's
(d) Blunt's

15. What is John's profession?
(a) Doctor
(b) Private investigator
(c) Lawyer
(d) Salesman

Short Answer Questions

1. What is James told about inquiries at the train station?

2. Mrs. Ackroyd's son's name from a previous marriage is?

3. Based on the initial inscribed on the ring, who might be a suspect?

4. In Chapter One, who has died?

5. Who tells James that Ralph is in town?

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