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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Flora is so upset that she asks Raymond to do what?
(a) Send everyone home
(b) Call the police
(c) Leave the house
(d) Send a formal announcement of the engagement

2. Who finds a gold ring?
(a) Blunt
(b) James
(c) Flora
(d) Poirot

3. Miss Russell says she has pain where?
(a) Her elbow
(b) Her knee
(c) Her stomach
(d) Her shoulder

4. Mrs. Ackroyd asks James to discuss what with Mr. Ackroyd?
(a) Caroline's gossiping
(b) Mr. Ackroyd's illness
(c) Ralph's will
(d) Flora's settlement

5. Even though Ralph always wanted money, who sticks up for him and says he is happy that Poirot is acting on Ralph's behalf?
(a) Parker
(b) Hammond
(c) Blunt
(d) James

6. Chapter 11 opens with Mr. Poirot interviewing whom?
(a) Mrs. Fielding
(b) Mrs. Ferdinand
(c) Mrs. Folliott
(d) Mrs. Ferguson

7. What is Flora's reaction to Mr. Ackroyd's death?
(a) Calmness
(b) Denial
(c) She screamed
(d) She fainted

8. Who arrives during Poirot's questioning about the stranger?
(a) Mr. Harris
(b) Mr. Harper
(c) Mr. Hammond
(d) Mr. Harrison

9. Why does the officer take the murder weapon to the billiard room?
(a) To question Raymond
(b) To set up the murderer
(c) To question James
(d) To find where it came from

10. How does Caroline think Mr. Ferrars died?
(a) He died of old age
(b) He died of heart failure
(c) He died in his sleep
(d) Mrs. Ferrars poisoned him.

11. Mr. Poirot tells Caroline that they should find Ralph soon or what will happen?
(a) It will look very bad for Ralph.
(b) Flora will not marry Ralph.
(c) Ralph will die.
(d) The police will arrest Ralph for murder on sight.

12. Who has become close friends with Mrs. Ferrars?
(a) Robert Avery
(b) Ralph Applewood
(c) Roger Ackroyd
(d) Rodney Appleton

13. James and Caroline talk about their new what in Chapter Three?
(a) Neighbor
(b) Friend
(c) House
(d) Dog

14. Who is the last known person to see Mr. Ackroyd alive?
(a) Flora
(b) James
(c) Mrs. Ackroyd
(d) Raymond

15. Mr. Ackroyd's wife was which of the following?
(a) An alcoholic
(b) A drug addict
(c) Mentally ill
(d) A gambler

Short Answer Questions

1. What is one of the items out of place in the summer house?

2. Who is Miss Russell to Mr. Ackroyd?

3. How has Mr. Ackroyd been killed?

4. Why is Flora worried about Ralph?

5. Ralph tells James what about Ralph's relationship with his stepfather?

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