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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who finds a gold ring?
(a) Poirot
(b) Blunt
(c) Flora
(d) James

2. While James is gone, who stops in to see Caroline?
(a) Miss Russell
(b) Mr. Poirot
(c) Flora
(d) Blunt

3. Poirot wants James to do what regarding his manuscript?
(a) Burn it.
(b) Give it to Caroline.
(c) Leave it with Poirot.
(d) Finish it.

4. What is Fernly Park?
(a) A museum
(b) A park
(c) A stadium
(d) A house

5. Why does the officer take the murder weapon to the billiard room?
(a) To find where it came from
(b) To question James
(c) To question Raymond
(d) To set up the murderer

Short Answer Questions

1. Blunt notices something glimmering where?

2. Poirot agrees with James about what regarding the murder?

3. How does James identify Kent?

4. Even though Ralph always wanted money, who sticks up for him and says he is happy that Poirot is acting on Ralph's behalf?

5. Miss Ganett and whom visit James and Caroline?

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