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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Poirot, everyone is doing what?
(a) Keeping secrets
(b) Helping with the investigation
(c) Hiding Ralph on purpose
(d) Arguing too much

2. Miss Ganett and whom visit James and Caroline?
(a) Colonel Carter
(b) Mr. Poirot
(c) Inspector Raglan
(d) Flora

3. To whom did Mr. Ackroyd leave 1,000 pounds in his will?
(a) Flora
(b) Miss Russell
(c) Mrs. Ackroyd
(d) Parker

4. What do James and Poirot ask Mr. Hammond about?
(a) Mrs. Ferrars' financial records
(b) How well he personally knew Mr. Ackroyd
(c) Mr. Ackroyd's financial records
(d) How well he personally knew Mrs. Ferrars

5. What is James told about inquiries at the train station?
(a) There are no plans to make any inquiries.
(b) Inquiries are already being made.
(c) The station was not busy that night, so they expect inquiries to be successful.
(d) The station was busy that night, so inquiries may be unsuccessful.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who died a year ago?

2. Who tells Mr. Ackroyd that they are being blackmailed?

3. Ralph tells James what about Ralph's relationship with his stepfather?

4. Why doesn't Inspector Raglan want Mr. Poirot to work on the case?

5. Why is Flora worried about Ralph?

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