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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who owns Fernly Park?
(a) Donald Adams
(b) Robert Ackroyd
(c) Roger Ackroyd
(d) David Adams

2. Ralph tells James what about Ralph's relationship with his stepfather?
(a) They are having major problems.
(b) They never speak.
(c) They are getting along fine.
(d) They have some problems now and then.

3. Where was the dagger usually kept?
(a) In a table in the drawing room
(b) In a desk drawer in the library
(c) In a cabinet in Mr. Ackroyd's bedroom
(d) In a box in the billiard room

4. Caroline and Flora both tell James that they don't think which person is guilty?
(a) Blunt
(b) Raymond
(c) Ralph
(d) Miss Russell

5. Who died a year ago?
(a) Mrs. Ferrars
(b) The Ferrars' daughter
(c) The Ferrars' son
(d) Mr. Ferrars

Short Answer Questions

1. How has Mr. Ackroyd been killed?

2. Raymond says he overheard what at 9:30?

3. John's sister's name is?

4. Who is Miss Russell to Mr. Ackroyd?

5. What does James tell Officer Davis that was familiar about the mysterious man he saw the night of the murder?

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