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King's Abbot

This is a small town nine miles from the big town of Cranchester. This place consists of a large railway station, a small post office and two rival general stores. Most of the townspeople consist of unmarried ladies and retired military officers. The townspeople's favorite pastime is gossip. This place is where Mr. Ackroyd lives and where the famous Hercule Poirot decides to retire.

Fernly Park

One of the two most important houses in town, this place is owned by Mr. Ackroyd, a wealthy businessman. This place is where the murder of Roger Ackroyd takes place and every member of the household--butler, parlor maid, housekeeper, secretary, and even relatives--are suspects in the murder.

The Larches

This place is the property belonging to Mr. Poirot. Poirot purchases this house in King's Abbot, where he hopes to retire and spend his time in the garden growing vegetable marrows...

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