The Murder of Roger Ackroyd Character Descriptions

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Dr. James Sheppard - The narrator of the story, this person cares deeply for his sister and would do anything for her.

This person becomes Poirot's unofficial assistant in the murder investigation. This person is intrigued by Poirot's investigative skills and keeps a written account of the case throughout the investigation.

Hercule Poirot - This person starts out as the mysterious neighbor who moves into The Larches, next door to Dr. James Sheppard and his sister Caroline. Later the reader finds out that this person is a famous detective.

Caroline Sheppard - This person lives with her brother, and awaits his return home every day to fish out as much gossipy information from him as possible.

Ralph Paton - This person is the suspect to which most of the clues in the case point to. Everybody in town seems to love this person. Although, this person often...

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