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Chapter 1

• Dr. James Sheppard returns home from the Ferrars residence.

• Mrs. Ferrars has just died.

• James' sister, Caroline, is curious about what happened.

• Caroline is the town gossip, and James feels that the townspeople are her Intelligence Corp.

• James is reluctant to tell Caroline anything because he knows it will become public knowledge.

• Caroline already heard about the death from the maid and milkman.
• Caroline thinks Mrs. Ferrars murdered her husband, who died a year ago.

• Caroline thinks Mrs. Ferrars felt too guilty and overdosed on sleeping pills.

• James worries that Caroline will spread her theories.

• Caroline thinks there must be a suicide letter somewhere.

• James says that no suicide letter will be searched for.

Chapter 2

• The village is described.

• Fernly Park and King's Paddock are the two important houses in town.

• King's Paddock is the Ferrars' residence and Fernly Park is the home of Mr. Ackroyd.

• Mr...

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