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Julie Garwood
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Short Answer Questions

1. What direction does Alec give Regan when she needs to move around the room at the hospital charity event?

2. Who is driving the car with the Gages in it when the car accident happens?

3. When Alec sees the picture of Haley Cross, what does he realize?

4. Who does the alleged killer say gave him the information about where to find Regan the evening of Dr. Shield's convention?

5. What does the witness say about the car accident that Walker was involved in?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Peter Morris calls Regan on the phone from the bar, he tells Regan about the role Emily played in everything that has happened. What information does he reveal? What leads the police to believe Morris is the killer?

2. In Chapter 30 when Alec and Regan are driving to the charity event, Regan asks Alec if Lewis has any plans to take men off her case. Why is Regan worried that Lewis will pull policemen off her case?

3. After everyone returns to the hotel after the attack at the park, Alec keeps trying to hold Regan's hand and put his arm around her shoulder. Regan keeps moving away from Alec. Why? What are these two people thinking?

4. When it is revealed for the first time who the "beast" is, and how does that change the story?

5. Although Alec is running through the park to save Regan, Regan actually ends up saving Alec. How does this unusual twist affect the story?

6. When Wincott tells the details of the murder of Haley, what bothers Regan the most? Why?

7. Why does the killer want to prolong Regan's death? Why does he want her to suffer?

8. At the end of the novel, what is the final event that shows how much Regan is loved by her brother Aiden?

9. After their evening of romance, Alec leaves. What does Regan realize when Alec leaves?

10. When Alec and Regan are flying to Boston for Regan to meet Alec's family, why does she tell him about her first day at kindergarten and the bully and the barrettes?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Regan's computer, fax machine, and cell phone as separate entities called the technology character. They seem to almost have a personality of their own. What information do they provide in the story that keeps the story moving along? What cryptic information does Melissa, the computer technician, deliver to move the story along? Why is it important when Regan finds the computer on and Melissa finds other people in the "loop?" How would this story have been different without this technology, especially the cell phone?

Essay Topic 2

The character of Walker only appears in the Prologue of the novel, and yet plays such an important role in the mystery. Describe Walker and discuss how his actions led to the killer pursuing Regan. The killer and his wife are warped by the car accident. How do they snap and what are signs at the accident that indicate that there will be later revenge?

Essay Topic 3

When Regan discovers that Aiden towed her car and replaced it with a BMW, she is livid. But Aiden makes some good points about the old car vs. the new car. What are they? Do they make sense? Should Regan have been driving a newer car? How would the attack in the garage have been different if Regan had a newer car? Are Aiden's actions overprotective or just protective? Why do you think this?

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