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Julie Garwood
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Short Answer Questions

1. As Nina Gage watches the news bulletin on TV, what is her main concern?

2. When Cordie sees the look on Alec's face at the park, what does she know?

3. When the killer can't find Regan in the park, why is he panicked? What does he want to tell Regan?

4. Why does Aiden think Regan would be safer with a new car?

5. As Regan is trying to get away from the killer, what does he grab?

Short Essay Questions

1. After everyone returns to the hotel after the attack at the park, Alec keeps trying to hold Regan's hand and put his arm around her shoulder. Regan keeps moving away from Alec. Why? What are these two people thinking?

2. In Chapter 30 when Alec and Regan are driving to the charity event, Regan asks Alec if Lewis has any plans to take men off her case. Why is Regan worried that Lewis will pull policemen off her case?

3. When it is revealed for the first time who the "beast" is, and how does that change the story?

4. In the end, the reader is clear as to why Eric Gage wanted to kill Regan, but will Regan ever be sure? Will she ever know the complete story? Why or why not?

5. Describe the car accident involving Walker and the Gages in Florida. What do the reports say about how the accident happened? Who is at fault?

6. After their evening of romance, Alec leaves. What does Regan realize when Alec leaves?

7. When the killer is chasing Regan through the park, he hears someone calling her name and he realizes that he is running out of time and won't be able to tell Regan why he is killing her. Why does he want to tell her that?

8. Alec is trying to get to Regan before the killer does. But, Alec has two reasons he needs to save Regan. What are they?

9. It is discovered that Eric Gage set up Peter Morris. How does Gage do it? What information does he have to find Peter Morris?

10. In Chapter 34 when Alec and Regan return to Regan's hotel suite, it is clear that things are heating up between them. When Alec says the relationship is a mess, why is Regan hurt?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Regan sees the killer in the park, he yells at her to run. Why does he do that? What kind of game is the killer playing with Regan? What does the killer want time to tell Regan? Why does he need to do this?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the character of Dr. Shields. What is his job? What does Sophie think he does? Does it prove to be right? Why is Dr. Shields put into protective custody? Compare Sophie's theory at the beginning of the novel with what the real story was at the end. How close is she? What do the Cayman Islands have to do with Dr. Shields' cover up?

Essay Topic 3

Write about the concept of the "beast" as a separate character. Who the reader thinks the "beast" is changes throughout the story. Describe your thought process as you tried to figure out who the "beast" really was in the story.

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