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Julie Garwood
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Short Answer Questions

1. During the reception with Dr. Shields, who writes real names of real people on her "murder list"?

2. When Alec and Regan begin spending evenings together in her suite, what do they do?

3. When Regan looks back at the man chasing her, what is the expression on his face?

4. What does Regan find in an email on her computer?

5. What does Regan only want her assistant, Henry, to know?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 27 at the party for the high school artists, who do you think is the uninvited guest and what does he want with Regan? It could be several people. Give your answer and explain.

2. When the workers find the toe sticking out of the ground near the running trail, what do they know about the victim just by looking at the toe? Consider the location. What else could the workers surmise from their findings?

3. As Regan prepares for the hospital charity event in Chapter 29, what is the significance of Regan's computer still being on?

4. When the computer technician arrives, she tells Regan that the photo is showing exactly how Sweeney was found by the police. Why is this such frightening news? Who would know what Sweeney looked like when he was killed?

5. Why is Sweeney being investigated by the Internal Affairs department?

6. What does the sketch artist think about the image of the killer?

7. In Chapter 28, when Alec returns to the hotel he seems to be bothered by the morning events. Why does the bust at Kevin's house weigh on Alec's mind?

8. Why does the picture found on Regan's computer scare her enough to call the police? Does she, at any time, think it is a fake? Why or why not?

9. What is the significance of Aiden buying Regan a BMW?

10. During the drug bust in Chapter 6, a uniformed officer appears on the scene to give the twin drug dealers a parking ticket. What happens in the warehouse? What do you think will happen to the officer? Will he be in trouble for this action? Why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Regan discovers that Aiden towed her car and replaced it with a BMW, she is livid. But Aiden makes some good points about the old car vs. the new car. What are they? Do they make sense? Should Regan have been driving a newer car? How would the attack in the garage have been different if Regan had a newer car? Are Aiden's actions overprotective or just protective? Why do you think this?

Essay Topic 2

Write about the concept of the "beast" as a separate character. Who the reader thinks the "beast" is changes throughout the story. Describe your thought process as you tried to figure out who the "beast" really was in the story.

Essay Topic 3

Alec and Regan both have their weaknesses. Alec is afraid of being involved. He likes his life uncomplicated. Regan has fear of intimacy. Discuss Regan and Alec's childhoods. How are they different? The same? How is that affecting their issues with intimacy and involvement? Or does it play a role at all?

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