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Julie Garwood
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the park after everything is over, what does Regan ask Alec?
(a) Are Cordie and Sophie safe?
(b) Who was that man and why was he trying to kill me?
(c) Are you okay?
(d) Are my brothers safe?

2. What is inside the shoebox that the police find at the alleged killer's house?
(a) The newspaper clipping of Regan and her brothers.
(b) The hammer used to smash Haley's legs.
(c) Sweeney's blackmail book.
(d) Haley Cross' driver's license and Sweeney's wallet.

3. What do the police find on Eric Gage's kitchen table?
(a) The gun.
(b) The newspaper picture of Regan and her brothers.
(c) The shoebox with Haley Cross' driver's license.
(d) Regan's blue folder and cell phone.

4. Who is Emerson, Regan's stepfather, with at the hospital charity event?
(a) His own security detail.
(b) Cordie.
(c) Regan's mother.
(d) His young wife.

5. During the hospital charity event, Alec calls Wincott to check something out. What is it?
(a) Check out Regan again.
(b) Check out Cordie's dad.
(c) Check out Sophie's dad.
(d) Check out Regan's brothers.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Regan removes her coat at the charity event, Alec frowns. What does Regan think Alec is thinking?

2. Why does Eric Gage leave the gun for his wife?

3. What does Eric Gage do every week as a cleaning chore at home?

4. The killer chases Regan to the ravine. What makes him think she is down there?

5. What do Alec and Regan agree on before Alec leaves the hotel after their romantic evening?

Short Essay Questions

1. The morning after Alec and Regan's night together, Regan is called into Spencer's office and a discussion ensues. Regan is stronger and more forthright with her brothers. Why?

2. As Nina watches the news bulletin on TV she sees the body of Eric being loaded into the ambulance, but is unmoved. What is Nina waiting to hear or see, and why?

3. In Chapter 34 when Alec and Regan return to Regan's hotel suite, it is clear that things are heating up between them. When Alec says the relationship is a mess, why is Regan hurt?

4. Describe the car accident involving Walker and the Gages in Florida. What do the reports say about how the accident happened? Who is at fault?

5. When Peter Morris calls Regan on the phone from the bar, he tells Regan about the role Emily played in everything that has happened. What information does he reveal? What leads the police to believe Morris is the killer?

6. Why is Regan worried about making the first move with Alec?

7. After Morris is caught, Gil, Alec's old partner, is still snooping around. What does he discover that could mean that the police have arrested the wrong man?

8. In the end, the reader is clear as to why Eric Gage wanted to kill Regan, but will Regan ever be sure? Will she ever know the complete story? Why or why not?

9. When Wincott tells the details of the murder of Haley, what bothers Regan the most? Why?

10. When Alec hears the gunshots in the park he runs in the direction of the noise. Why does Wincott want him to stop?

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