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Julie Garwood
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when the uniform cop enters the warehouse?
(a) He is killed in the gunfight.
(b) He recognizes the other cop and blows his cover.
(c) The undercover cop opens fire on him.
(d) He is handcuffed by the twins.

2. What does Wincott tell Alec that the police found behind Sweeney's house?
(a) Sweeney's diary.
(b) Regan's cell phone.
(c) The body of a woman.
(d) More pictures.

3. What does Regan find in an email on her computer?
(a) A picture of Sophie and Cordie from the Cayman Islands.
(b) A picture of her brother, Walker, racing a car.
(c) A nasty note from Aiden's assistant.
(d) A picture of Detective Sweeney hanging by a rope.

4. Detective Lewis is mad after he hears that Alec has resigned. What does Lewis do with all of Alec's cases?
(a) Lewis doesn't do anything with Alec's cases.
(b) Lewis takes the cases away from Alec.
(c) Lewis gives all of Alec's cases to Wincott.
(d) Lewis gives Alec all of Sweeney's cases.

5. When Regan tells Sophie and Cordie about the man chasing her in the parking garage, what do Regan's friends suggest she do?
(a) Call the police.
(b) Go back inside the convention hall and talk to Dr. Shields.
(c) Go back inside and tell the woman at the sign in desk.
(d) Go back to the garage to find the man.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who calls Detective Lewis and clues him in to Regan's wealth?

2. What are the workers doing near the running path where the killer murdered his first victim?

3. Regan asks Alec about his perfect woman. Alec describes her. Who does Alec's perfect woman look like?

4. What does Alec have Regan write on a notepad when they get to the station and are sitting in the coffee room?

5. What do Regan, Sophie, and Cordie finally end up doing after Regan is accosted in the parking garage?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 28, when Alec returns to the hotel he seems to be bothered by the morning events. Why does the bust at Kevin's house weigh on Alec's mind?

2. Describe what each girl (Regan, Sophie, and Cordie) wrote on their "murder lists." What does this tell the reader? What danger is Regan in over this list?

3. Why does Sophie really want to get involved with the Mary Coolidge case?

4. When Regan and the girls attend the seminar by Dr. Shields, Regan believes there is a "plant." Who is it?

5. When Regan tells Alec that the murder list is hers, what is his reaction and why?

6. When the computer technician arrives, she tells Regan that the photo is showing exactly how Sweeney was found by the police. Why is this such frightening news? Who would know what Sweeney looked like when he was killed?

7. In Chapter 2, why is Sophie's mention of Regan's picture in the paper important to the story?

8. Why does the author think it is important to introduce the characters as children? How do you think this plot device will help later in the story?

9. What does the killer do when he returns home from murdering the runner in the park?

10. Sophie tells the other women that Dr. Shields left the island. Why are Sophie and Cordie going to stay after he already left?

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