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Julie Garwood
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Alec is returning from Regan's office, what phone call does he receive?
(a) A call hiring him at the FBI.
(b) A call telling him to report back to the office.
(c) A call from Lewis.
(d) A call from his former partner, Gil.

2. What news does Alec receive on the phone when he returns from Boston?
(a) Sweeney is dead.
(b) His new niece misses him.
(c) Lewis is dead.
(d) The police arrested the drug lords.

3. What are Regan, Sophie, and Cordie going to do on Friday?
(a) Leaving for Rome.
(b) Excercising together.
(c) Going to a movie and dinner.
(d) Meet for lunch.

4. What do the workers who are working along the running path find sticking out of the ground?
(a) A toe.
(b) A finger.
(c) Bloody hair.
(d) A head.

5. What does Melissa tell Alec about Regan's computer email?
(a) That Regan's emails are boring.
(b) That there were more threatening emails.
(c) That she removed Regan's email from the "loop" of readers.
(d) That she lost all of Regan's emails.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is in Lewis' office when Regan and Alec get there?

2. Regan is done with her work and has some downtime before next year's grant applications come in. What does Regan decide to do with her free time?

3. What does Wincott tell Alec that the police found behind Sweeney's house?

4. When Regan is re-telling the story to Alec about the man chasing her in the garage, what does she suddenly realize?

5. Who creates the paintings that are sold at the charity event?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Alec not want to be Regan's bodyguard for three weeks?

2. Sophie tells the other women that Dr. Shields left the island. Why are Sophie and Cordie going to stay after he already left?

3. When the workers find the toe sticking out of the ground near the running trail, what do they know about the victim just by looking at the toe? Consider the location. What else could the workers surmise from their findings?

4. What is the killer's life at home like?

5. In Chapter 28, when Alec returns to the hotel he seems to be bothered by the morning events. Why does the bust at Kevin's house weigh on Alec's mind?

6. What does the sketch artist think about the image of the killer?

7. Alec is in trouble at work. What has he done to anger his boss, Lewis? How does this one action affect the relationship between the two men?

8. What is Regan's hotel suite a symbol of in this story? Why do the girls return back to the suite after they reported the incident in the parking garage to the police? Why do they change their original plans to go to dinner?

9. In Chapter 2, why is Sophie's mention of Regan's picture in the paper important to the story?

10. Describe what each girl (Regan, Sophie, and Cordie) wrote on their "murder lists." What does this tell the reader? What danger is Regan in over this list?

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