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Julie Garwood
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Regan is trying to get away from the killer, what does he grab?
(a) Her ankle.
(b) Her arm.
(c) Her hair.
(d) Her waist.

2. What does Eric Gage put into his pants pocket?
(a) A picture of Regan.
(b) The keys to his car.
(c) A gun.
(d) His fake beard and glasses.

3. During the argument with her brothers, Regan is angry when she discovers that her brothers want to pay Emerson a settlement. Regan says Emerson cheated on their mother. What do the brothers tell Regan about their mother?
(a) Emerson stole all of their mother's money.
(b) Their mother stole all of Emerson's money.
(c) Their mother cheated on Emerson, too.
(d) Their mother was heartbroken.

4. On the plane, what story does Regan tell Alec about her childhood?
(a) The story about how her mother was never around.
(b) The kindergarten story about the bully and the barrettes.
(c) The story about how her father died young.
(d) The kindergarten story about how she ran home to her brothers.

5. In the park after everything is over, what does Regan ask Alec?
(a) Are you okay?
(b) Are my brothers safe?
(c) Are Cordie and Sophie safe?
(d) Who was that man and why was he trying to kill me?

6. Before Regan and Alec's romantic evening, how does Alec view Regan?
(a) As a girl with too much money.
(b) Alec had no view of Regan.
(c) As an idiot who needed a newer car.
(d) As bodyguard duty for his job.

7. Once at the ravine, the killer is trying to find Regan, but can't. Who bursts through the trees coming at the killer?
(a) Cordie.
(b) Wincott.
(c) Alec.
(d) Sophie.

8. When the killer is chasing Regan in the park, what does he hear in the distance?
(a) Other people talking.
(b) Sirens.
(c) Someone calling her name.
(d) A gunshot.

9. After Alec insults Regan she moves to the bedroom door. What does Regan plan to do?
(a) Convice him to come into the bedroom.
(b) Go to bed early by herself and watch a movie.
(c) Say goodnight and close the door.
(d) Find another man tomorrow.

10. The killer chases Regan to the ravine. What makes him think she is down there?
(a) He hears the "beast" and it tells him where she is.
(b) He hears rocks sliding down the hill.
(c) He hears the police down in the ravine.
(d) He hears Regan calling out.

11. What does the witness say about the car accident that Walker was involved in?
(a) That Gage was swerving on the road.
(b) That the truck driver slowed down to let Gage pass.
(c) That the truck sped up and wouldn't let Gage pass.
(d) That Walter caused the accident.

12. When Regan sees the name of Haley Cross on "Our Murder List," what does she want to do?
(a) Check the morgue.
(b) Warn Haley.
(c) Find out where Haley lives and go to her house.
(d) Write Haley a nice note.

13. What does Alec think the country club looks like?
(a) A southern river boat.
(b) An airport.
(c) An overdone southern plantation.
(d) One of Regan's hotels.

14. When Aiden comes into Regan's office after they received the fax of Haley Cross, what does Regan take the opportunity to do?
(a) Regan retells the story of Haley's murder.
(b) Regan tells Aiden he must fire Emily.
(c) Regan has Aiden give Henry a ride home.
(d) Regan talks to Aiden about Aiden and Spencer running Regan's life.

15. What happens to the killer in the end?
(a) Alec shoots him in the head.
(b) Wincott shoots him in the head.
(c) The police surround him and arrest him.
(d) Regan gets his gun and shoots him in the gut.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Nina Gage's legs in the car accident?

2. What direction does Alec give Regan when she needs to move around the room at the hospital charity event?

3. Before their romantic evening, how does Regan view Alec?

4. At the hospital charity event, Sophie scolds Aiden about something. What is it?

5. When Alec runs into the woods at the park, what is he trying to do?

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