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Julie Garwood
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Alec insults Regan she moves to the bedroom door. What does Regan plan to do?
(a) Convice him to come into the bedroom.
(b) Find another man tomorrow.
(c) Go to bed early by herself and watch a movie.
(d) Say goodnight and close the door.

2. Regan realizes she's in love with Alec. When does she first realize it?
(a) When they were in the coffee room at the police station.
(b) When he ran into her on the street, smelling of sewage.
(c) The evening he talked to Kevin about his deadbeat mother.
(d) The first time she saw him at the police station.

3. When Eric Gage is doing his morning chores, what does he hear behind him?
(a) His wife calling him from the bedroom.
(b) A whisper.
(c) The outside hose running.
(d) A knock at the door.

4. As Regan is trying to get away from the killer, what does he grab?
(a) Her arm.
(b) Her ankle.
(c) Her waist.
(d) Her hair.

5. When Gil arrives at Alec's place, what is Alec doing?
(a) Cleaning his apartment.
(b) Cleaning his gun.
(c) Doing research on the computer.
(d) Packing his car.

6. When Regan removes her coat at the charity event, Alec frowns. What does Regan think Alec is thinking?
(a) That Regan should have worn a different color.
(b) That Regan is not attractive.
(c) That Regan should have worn pants.
(d) That he doesn't like the dress.

7. Why do the police now have the DNA of the killer?
(a) There was skin under Haley's fingernails.
(b) They found the hammer and there is skin on it.
(c) Haley's clothes had the killer's blood on them.
(d) They found a piece of the killer's clothes with DNA on it.

8. Before the race, what does Regan reveal about her feelings for Alec?
(a) That she loves him.
(b) That she is glad he is leaving for Boston.
(c) That she is glad the entire ordeal is over and she never has to see him again.
(d) That she will not miss him when he moves.

9. Who is right behind Alec when he gets to the park?
(a) Henry.
(b) Gage.
(c) Wincott.
(d) Lewis.

10. When Henry finds the letter from the killer, what is the letter written on?
(a) On a hotel napkin.
(b) Hotel stationery.
(c) The back of a ticket to the charity event.
(d) Fax paper.

11. What direction does Alec give Regan when she needs to move around the room at the hospital charity event?
(a) Not to leave the room.
(b) Go to the bathroom with Sophie and Cordie.
(c) Stay within his reach.
(d) Stay within his sight.

12. Before their romantic evening, how does Regan view Alec?
(a) As a stranger.
(b) As bossy and controlling.
(c) As a sloppy cop.
(d) As a good cop and her protector.

13. What does Alec say when Regan straightens his tie?
(a) He says she's beautiful.
(b) He says it isn't crooked.
(c) He says he needs to comb his hair.
(d) He says he likes her touching him.

14. When the killer aims at Alec, what does Regan do to save him?
(a) She jumps down from the tree and the killer shoots her.
(b) She jumps down from the tree and gets the killer's gun.
(c) She comes up from the ravine and knocks the gun out of the killer's hands.
(d) She jumps down from the tree and kicks the killer in the head on the way down.

15. In the end, will there be a trial?
(a) Yes, as Nina survived.
(b) Yes, as Eric and Nina Gage survived.
(c) No, as both parties are dead.
(d) Yes, as Eric survived.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Alec and Regan are on the airplane together, where are they going?

2. When the killer is looking for Regan in the ravine, he hears someone approaching. What does the killer do?

3. After Regan and Alec have their romantic evening, why does Alec leave so quickly?

4. Why does Regan need to circulate and talk to everyone at the hospital charity event?

5. On the plane, what story does Regan tell Alec about her childhood?

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