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Julie Garwood
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does the alleged killer say gave him the information about where to find Regan the evening of Dr. Shield's convention?
(a) Henry.
(b) Cordie.
(c) Sophie.
(d) Emily.

2. When Alec runs into the woods at the park, what is he trying to do?
(a) Find Regan to give her the engagement ring.
(b) Take a jog.
(c) Find Regan to tell her he loves her.
(d) Save Regan from the killer.

3. In the park, where does Regan run to in order to keep away from the killer?
(a) She runs back to the ravine.
(b) She runs to find Sophie.
(c) She runs to the starting area.
(d) She runs to the custard shop.

4. Who is Alec giving his furniture to?
(a) Henry.
(b) Sophie.
(c) Cordie.
(d) Kevin.

5. Who is Emerson, Regan's stepfather, with at the hospital charity event?
(a) Regan's mother.
(b) His young wife.
(c) His own security detail.
(d) Cordie.

6. At the hospital charity event, Sophie scolds Aiden about something. What is it?
(a) That it was disloyal to invite his stepfather.
(b) The BMW was a bad idea.
(c) He is not a good dancer.
(d) To fire Emily.

7. At the park after everything is over and Regan is safe, what is she most concerned about?
(a) Regan is upset because Alec was nearly killed.
(b) Regan is upset that so many people were bothered.
(c) Regan is upset because Cordie is hurt.
(d) Regan is upset because she didn't finish the race.

8. During the argument with her brothers, Regan is angry when she discovers that her brothers want to pay Emerson a settlement. Regan says Emerson cheated on their mother. What do the brothers tell Regan about their mother?
(a) Emerson stole all of their mother's money.
(b) Their mother cheated on Emerson, too.
(c) Their mother was heartbroken.
(d) Their mother stole all of Emerson's money.

9. When it is clear to both Regan and Alec that they are going to sleep together, what does Alec want to make clear to Regan?
(a) That he will never act like this again.
(b) That he is afraid of her brothers if they find out.
(c) That her can sue her for sexual harassment.
(d) That he is leaving Chicago soon and will not change his mind.

10. As Regan is trying to get away from the killer, what does he grab?
(a) Her ankle.
(b) Her arm.
(c) Her hair.
(d) Her waist.

11. Who does Nina Gage see on TV that upsets her?
(a) Morris.
(b) A still-living Regan.
(c) Aiden and Spencer.
(d) Walker.

12. Who is driving the car with the Gages in it when the car accident happens?
(a) Nina Gage.
(b) A patrolman.
(c) Eric Gage.
(d) Walker.

13. Why are Regan, Sophie, and Cordie at the park where Haley Cross was murdered?
(a) They are attending a memorial for Haley Cross.
(b) They are bringing flowers to the grave of Haley Cross.
(c) The are walking/running in a race on the new running path.
(d) They are having a picnic.

14. Why do the police now have the DNA of the killer?
(a) There was skin under Haley's fingernails.
(b) They found a piece of the killer's clothes with DNA on it.
(c) They found the hammer and there is skin on it.
(d) Haley's clothes had the killer's blood on them.

15. What does the witness say about the car accident that Walker was involved in?
(a) That the truck sped up and wouldn't let Gage pass.
(b) That Walter caused the accident.
(c) That Gage was swerving on the road.
(d) That the truck driver slowed down to let Gage pass.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Regan need to circulate and talk to everyone at the hospital charity event?

2. Where does the car accident with Walker and Eric and Nina Gage happen?

3. When Alec and Regan are on the airplane together, where are they going?

4. When Nina Gage is watching the news bulletin on TV, who knocks on the door?

5. What does Eric Gage do every week as a cleaning chore at home?

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