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Julie Garwood
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The killer knows that Regan and her friends are going to the Liam House Conference Center. How does the killer know where Regan and her friends are going?
(a) The killer follows Regan's car to the convention center.
(b) The killer hears the valets asking about the location of the convention center.
(c) The killer read an article in the newspaper about Regan attending the seminar.
(d) The killer is attending Dr. Shields' seminar at the convention center.

2. How does Henry get his job working for Regan?
(a) His high school teacher got him the intership at the hotel.
(b) Henry was a hotel employee before he worked for Regan.
(c) Henry was Regan's grandmother's assistant.
(d) Regan's brothers hired him to keep an eye on Regan.

3. After Alec talks to Wincott at the police station, what does his boss, Lewis, assign Alec to do for the next three weeks?
(a) To do all of Wincott's typing.
(b) To be Regans' bodyguard.
(c) To get in another dumpster for a drug bust.
(d) To try to get more cases.

4. What is Alec Buchanan doing in Boston?
(a) Talking to his brother Nick about a new business venture.
(b) Visiting his brother and wife to see the new baby.
(c) Interviewing with the FBI and seeing his family.
(d) Interviewing with the Boston Police Department.

5. How does Mary Coolidge meet Dr. Lawrence Shields?
(a) In Rome on vacation.
(b) At her husband's funeral.
(c) At the Hamilton Hotel.
(d) At one of Dr. Shield's self-help seminars.

6. What does the killer see on his face when he looks in the mirror?
(a) Regan's face.
(b) The demon.
(c) Scratches.
(d) The victim's face.

7. When the killer arrives home after he chases Regan in the parking lot, what is he thinking?
(a) The police are coming for him and he better hide.
(b) He failed and might be connected to the other murder of the woman runner.
(c) His wife will find out about the murders.
(d) The beast will believe he failed and punish him.

8. During the reception with Dr. Shields, who writes real names of real people on her "murder list"?
(a) Regan.
(b) Sophie.
(c) Dr. Shields.
(d) Cordie.

9. What does Melissa, the computer technician brought in to look at Regan's computer, do with her email?
(a) Melissa has all of Regan's emails copied to her.
(b) Melissa has all of Regan's emails sent to Alec.
(c) Melissa has all of Regan's emails distributed to Regan's brothers.
(d) Melilssa has all of Regan's emails sent to Regan's assistant, Henry.

10. Why is Sweeney being investigated by Internal Affairs?
(a) He is plotting to kill Lt. Lewis.
(b) He is drunk on the job a lot.
(c) He is planning to kill his wife.
(d) He was paid to look the other way while a drug dealer was murdered.

11. Alec arrives at the hotel with his new assignment from Lt. Lewis regarding Regan. What is Regan worried about?
(a) Regan is worried about what her brothers will think.
(b) Regan thinks that Alec shouldn't hear what goes on in business meetings.
(c) She hasn't heard from Cordie or Sophie.
(d) Regan thinks Alec will smell like he did the first time she met him.

12. What does Regan's brother, Aiden, do for her protection?
(a) Hired a limo to take Regan around town.
(b) Called for Cordie and Sophie to return.
(c) Bought her a plane ticket to travel with her brother in Europe.
(d) Hired security guard for the hotel.

13. Why is Peter Morris calling Regan's assistant every day?
(a) Morris is a disgruntled hotel employee.
(b) Morris did not receive the same grant he got last year.
(c) Morris thinks Regan is in danger.
(d) Morris is a private detective hired by one of Regan's brothers.

14. Who is Peter Morris?
(a) Regan's old boyfriend.
(b) Alec's boss.
(c) A man who was refused grant money from the foundation.
(d) A friend of Henry's.

15. Why does Sophie not want to do the investigation herself?
(a) She wants to teach Regan and Cordie how to investigate so they can do this all the time.
(b) She is afraid of Dr. Shields.
(c) She's not sure if her instincts are right and she needs a second opinion.
(d) She's afraid other reporters will spot her and get the story before her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens on Sophie's date with Dr. Shields?

2. What does the computer technician, Melissa, tell Regan about the photo on her computer?

3. What does the killer do with the body?

4. Why doesn't Regan run at the outdoor trail anymore?

5. What are the workers doing near the running path where the killer murdered his first victim?

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