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Julie Garwood
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the young uniform policeman in trouble?
(a) He did not give out enough parking tickets his first month.
(b) He had evidence from a murder case that he forgot to check in and file.
(c) He blew the undercover drug bust of twin drug lords.
(d) He talked back to Lt. Lewis.

2. When Alec is returning from Regan's office, what phone call does he receive?
(a) A call from Lewis.
(b) A call from his former partner, Gil.
(c) A call telling him to report back to the office.
(d) A call hiring him at the FBI.

3. Where does the photo on Regan's email originate from?
(a) Henry's computer.
(b) The killer's cell phone.
(c) Regan's cell phone.
(d) Emily's computer.

4. What does Melissa, the computer technician brought in to look at Regan's computer, do with her email?
(a) Melissa has all of Regan's emails sent to Alec.
(b) Melilssa has all of Regan's emails sent to Regan's assistant, Henry.
(c) Melissa has all of Regan's emails distributed to Regan's brothers.
(d) Melissa has all of Regan's emails copied to her.

5. What does Alec have Regan write on a notepad when they get to the station and are sitting in the coffee room?
(a) The names of Dr. Shields' bodyguards.
(b) The people she almost wrote on the murder list, but decided not to.
(c) The seven dwarfs.
(d) The murder list and the to-do list.

6. What happens on Sophie's date with Dr. Shields?
(a) Sophie and Dr. Shields had a nice dinner.
(b) Dr. Shields did not show up.
(c) Sophie and Dr. Shields had a heated argument.
(d) Sophie and Dr. Shields went to a movie.

7. Why is Sweeney being investigated by Internal Affairs?
(a) He is plotting to kill Lt. Lewis.
(b) He was paid to look the other way while a drug dealer was murdered.
(c) He is planning to kill his wife.
(d) He is drunk on the job a lot.

8. Alec arrives at the hotel with his new assignment from Lt. Lewis regarding Regan. What is Regan worried about?
(a) Regan is worried about what her brothers will think.
(b) Regan thinks that Alec shouldn't hear what goes on in business meetings.
(c) She hasn't heard from Cordie or Sophie.
(d) Regan thinks Alec will smell like he did the first time she met him.

9. How does the killer murder his victim?
(a) Stabs her.
(b) Shoots her.
(c) Bludgens her with a hammer.
(d) Strangles her.

10. A friend of Sophie's father got information about Dr. Shields. What is it?
(a) Copies of his plane tickets back to the U.S.
(b) Pictures of women Shields dated.
(c) Copies of his bank accounts and copies of checks women have written to Shields.
(d) Pictures of Dr. Shields with Sophie.

11. What happens when Regan goes to the store to buy Cordie a birthday gift?
(a) She doesn't find what she wants and leaves the store.
(b) The line at the check out counter is too long and she leaves the store.
(c) The store is so crowded that she leaves.
(d) The sales clerk is so rude that she leaves the store without making the purchase.

12. What is Sophie's job when she begins the investigation about Mary?
(a) She is a mystery book writer.
(b) She is a TV news anchor.
(c) She works for the newspaper and does the advice column.
(d) She is an investigative reporter for the newspaper.

13. Detective Lewis is mad after he hears that Alec has resigned. What does Lewis do with all of Alec's cases?
(a) Lewis takes the cases away from Alec.
(b) Lewis gives Alec all of Sweeney's cases.
(c) Lewis gives all of Alec's cases to Wincott.
(d) Lewis doesn't do anything with Alec's cases.

14. What are Regan's plans for Henry when he graduates?
(a) To take over Emily's job.
(b) To take over her job.
(c) To become general manager of the hotel.
(d) To take over Walker's job.

15. Who is Peter Morris?
(a) Regan's old boyfriend.
(b) Alec's boss.
(c) A man who was refused grant money from the foundation.
(d) A friend of Henry's.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Sweeney plan to blackmail Lt. Lewis?

2. Who calls Detective Lewis and clues him in to Regan's wealth?

3. After the killer chases Regan in the parking garage he goes home. What does the killer do with his clothes?

4. When Regan tells Sophie and Cordie about the man chasing her in the parking garage, what do Regan's friends suggest she do?

5. Regan is done with her work and has some downtime before next year's grant applications come in. What does Regan decide to do with her free time?

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