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Julie Garwood
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 52.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Alec sees the picture of Haley Cross, what does he realize?
(a) Haley is holding a copy of the "murder list."
(b) The killer made a mistake - he meant to kill Regan because Haley looks like Regan.
(c) She is holding Regan's cell phone.
(d) Haley looks nothing like Regan, so there can't be a connection.

2. What is the killer hiding in the garage?
(a) His clothes.
(b) A body.
(c) A gun and a knife.
(d) "Souvenirs" from his victims.

3. Who is right behind Alec when he gets to the park?
(a) Wincott.
(b) Henry.
(c) Gage.
(d) Lewis.

4. Who calls Alec when he gets home from Boston?
(a) Sweeney.
(b) Alec's brother, Theo.
(c) Gil Hutton, his former partner.
(d) Detective Lewis, his boss.

5. When Regan goes to her car in the parking garage she thinks she hears someone calling her name. When she turns to look, what happens to Regan?
(a) She gets soaking wet looking for who is calling her name.
(b) Her knee gives way and she falls down.
(c) She sees the man and calls the police on her cell phone.
(d) She is blinded by the rain and lightning.

Short Answer Questions

1. Alec looks past Regan into the bedroom. What does he see?

2. When Spencer calls Regan to his office and Aiden is also there, where do the brothers want Regan to go to stay safe for a while?

3. How does Regan get to kindergarten on her first day?

4. What happens on Sophie's date with Dr. Shields?

5. Why doesn't Regan run at the outdoor trail anymore?

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