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Julie Garwood
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 52.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The killer chases Regan to the ravine. What makes him think she is down there?
(a) He hears rocks sliding down the hill.
(b) He hears Regan calling out.
(c) He hears the police down in the ravine.
(d) He hears the "beast" and it tells him where she is.

2. What does the witness say about the car accident that Walker was involved in?
(a) That Walter caused the accident.
(b) That the truck driver slowed down to let Gage pass.
(c) That Gage was swerving on the road.
(d) That the truck sped up and wouldn't let Gage pass.

3. How does the reader know that the police did not catch the real killer?
(a) The alleged killer does not confess.
(b) The alleged killer is drunk.
(c) The alleged killer is too stupid to be a killer.
(d) The police describe a run-down rented house and the killer lives in a well-kept house with his wife.

4. Why is the young uniform policeman in trouble?
(a) He did not give out enough parking tickets his first month.
(b) He had evidence from a murder case that he forgot to check in and file.
(c) He blew the undercover drug bust of twin drug lords.
(d) He talked back to Lt. Lewis.

5. When the killer is looking for Regan in the ravine, he hears someone approaching. What does the killer do?
(a) Turns and fires at the approaching person.
(b) Jumps in the ravine and hides himself.
(c) Falls into the ravine and dies.
(d) Hides behind the rock wall.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the killer arrives home after he chases Regan in the parking lot, what is he thinking?

2. What is Alec's hiding place during the drug bust?

3. What are the workers doing near the running path where the killer murdered his first victim?

4. In the park after everything is over, what does Regan ask Alec?

5. When Regan removes her coat at the charity event, Alec frowns. What does Regan think Alec is thinking?

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