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Julie Garwood
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Lesson 1 (from Prologue | Chapter 1)


Prologue | Chapter 1

The Prologue begins with the main characters as children and young adults. This will give the reader special insight into these characters by knowing their backgrounds, such as the status of their wealth and involvement of parents. Chapter 1 introduces the killer and describes his "spells" that he cannot control, thereby setting up an important factor in his personality that will drive his character. The objective of this lesson is to introduce all the main characters of the novel, including the killer, and the important points to their personalities that will drive the story.


1. Class Discussion: Describe the main characters.

How much older is Aiden than his sister?

Where are Regan's mother and grandmother? What does that tell the reader about Regan and her family?

Where is Regan's father?

Each brother reacts differently to Regan's story of kindergarten. What does this say about their...

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