Murder List Fun Activities

Julie Garwood
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Mind of a Killer

Try to enter the mind of the killer and determine what makes him tick. Who is the "beast?" Is it a part of him or outside of him?


Divide the class into two teams. Have each team send one member to the front board. Giving each student 15-30 seconds, and have them write a souvenir that the killer kept from his murder victims. At 30 seconds, the next student runs to the board. The team with the most items listed on the board wins the game.

Wacky Seminars

Imagine the class is at a seminar like the one Dr. Shields runs. What games could you play with your audience? What lists could you write?


Since this is a murder mystery, play the game of Clue. Use the objects the killer uses and the places he attacks him victims.

Places Game

Break into two...

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