Murder List Character Descriptions

Julie Garwood
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Regan Madison

This character, a child of privilege, is being stalked by a crazed killer.

Alec Buchanan

This character is giving up his respected career with the Chicago Police Department and has finally accepted an offer from the FBI.

Aiden Madison

This character takes on the role of protector to his younger sister, but in his efforts to keep her safe, he sometimes does things that are very controlling.

Walker Madison

This character is a famous race car driver who was involved in an accident several years earlier that is the catalyst that inspires the killer for revenge.

Lt. Lewis

This character is an image-conscious, politically motivated policeman who is out to punish and humiliate one of the main characters.

Detective Wincott

This character heads up the investigation into the murders and is intrigued when it is discovered that a police officer murdered by the killer is on...

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