Murder List Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Julie Garwood
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Prologue | Chapter 1

• The Prologue introduces the novel's main characters as young children.

• On Regan's first day at kindergarten, she is confronted by a bully who challenges her and her two new friends, Sophie and Cordie.

• After school, Regan tells her three brothers about the bully.

• Aiden wants her to stand up to the bully, while the other two brothers want to go to school with Regan and help her handle the situation.

• The next day the bully tries to take away Cordie's barrettes, and Regan stands up to her.

• Regan is so nervous, she throws up on the bully.

• The killer is introduced in Chapter 1.

• The killer has an invalid wife that he dotes on.

• He has begun suffering from what he thinks are panic attacks, but instead he turns into a serial killer.

• One night, he is feeling an attack coming on and he decides to read...

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