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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Abdul Hamid dressed in in Black Herman’s dream of him?
(a) Sufi's robes.
(b) A night-club floor.
(c) Nothing.
(d) African garb.

2. Why does Hinkle Von Vampton need Nathan Brown to write for the Benign Monster?
(a) To give it class.
(b) To give it guts.
(c) To give it legitimacy.
(d) To give it verve.

3. What does Buddy Jackson’s story consist of, when he explains how he became interested in the Book?
(a) Discrimination.
(b) Race hatred.
(c) Filial affection.
(d) Cooperation.

4. What is PaPaLaBas’ explanation for Abdul Hamid’s decision to burn the Book?
(a) It exposed him too much power.
(b) It wasn’t as impressive as everyone hoped.
(c) He thought he would be killed.
(d) He couldn’t live with the beauty it showed him.

5. What does Battraville say was the first thing the Marines did in Haiti?
(a) Take $60 million from the banks.
(b) Take the fetishes from the temples.
(c) Destroy the libraries.
(d) Destroy the palaces.

6. What threat does Hinkle Von Vampton hold over Nathan Brown?
(a) That he will never catch the Jes Grew if he does not publish in the Benign Monster.
(b) That he will not be published in other places if he won’t publish in the Benign Monster.
(c) That he will be infected with the Jes Grew if he does not publish in the Benign Monster.
(d) That he will be killed if he does not publish in the Benign Monster.

7. How does PaPaLaBas characterize Egypt’s rule under Osiris?
(a) There was war and contention.
(b) People left for neighboring countries.
(c) People prospered.
(d) There was famine and drought.

8. Why does Abdul Hamid say he burned the Book of Thoth?
(a) He had captured its essence.
(b) It was racist.
(c) It was incomprehensible.
(d) It was too lewd.

9. What is the “Loa that Jes Grew here in America among our people” (p. 128)?
(a) Fusion.
(b) Rock & roll.
(c) Blues.
(d) Jazz.

10. Who is Battraville looking for in America?
(a) Biff Musclewhite.
(b) Abdul Hamid.
(c) Hinkle Von Vampton.
(d) PaPaLaBas.

11. What is the Spiraling Agony?
(a) The name of the freighter loaded with fetishes.
(b) Hinkle Von Vampton’s house.
(c) The new dance people are doing the Jes Grew to.
(d) The companion magazine to the Benign Monster.

12. What was the result of Pharaoh’s action?
(a) A plague of locusts.
(b) Renewing rain.
(c) A mushroom cloud.
(d) Great rejoicing.

13. How did Pharaoh try to restore order?
(a) By announcing a meeting of councilors.
(b) With a different concert.
(c) With threats of punishment.
(d) With promises of gifts.

14. What does Abdul Hamid say he hopes for, in the future of the black race in America?
(a) The possibility of diversity, instead of stereotype.
(b) Power to rule their own territories and live by their own laws.
(c) Undoing progress and returning to Osiris’ times.
(d) Patience for decoding the entire book.

15. What ornaments the box in which the Book is kept?
(a) Bulls and cows.
(b) Egrets and herons.
(c) Snakes and scorpions.
(d) Men and women and temples.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the Knights Templars do to raise their standing?

2. What miracle did Osiris perform?

3. What is the Wallflower Order’s relationship with the Atonist Path?

4. What do the children accuse Safecracker Gould of doing?

5. Where is Berbelang shot?

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