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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened when Moses played the music he learned at the Temple?
(a) The army interrupted the concert.
(b) They danced.
(c) Moses' fingers bled.
(d) People's ears bled.

2. What modern figure does PaPaLaBas say Isis corresponds to?
(a) The girl with the red dress on.
(b) The girl who is easy to get.
(c) The girl with the glasses.
(d) The girl who listens to her parents.

3. Why does PaPaLaBas say that Osiris had to record his dance?
(a) To assuage the gods.
(b) To feed the spirits.
(c) To feed her brother.
(d) To take power.

4. What do the children accuse Safecracker Gould of doing?
(a) Stealing their slang.
(b) Stealing their homework.
(c) Beating them.
(d) Misleading them.

5. What does Earline’s scarf turn into, when Black Herman throws it on the floor?
(a) A book.
(b) A dress.
(c) A rope.
(d) A snake.

6. Who objects to the arrest of Hinkle Von Vampton?
(a) The Guianese art critic.
(b) The Lebanese dancer.
(c) Hierophant 1.
(d) The black painter.

7. What is the Wallflower Order’s relationship with the Atonist Path?
(a) It is an academic arm.
(b) It is a rival organization.
(c) It is a splinter group.
(d) It is the military arm.

8. Who is running for President on the Jes Grew ticket?
(a) Lois Armstrong.
(b) Dizzy Gillespie.
(c) Django Reinhardt.
(d) Cab Calloway.

9. How does Biff Musclewhite explain Charlotte’s confusion about what happened last night?
(a) She might be coming down with something.
(b) There must have been something in the air.
(c) She must have drunk too much.
(d) There might have been something in her food.

10. What does Battraville say is after the white people who build highways?
(a) Their own whiteness.
(b) Ghosts of their victims.
(c) Their god.
(d) Devils.

11. What did the Knights Templars do to raise their standing?
(a) Protected the crusaders.
(b) Saved the second crusade.
(c) Assimilated Islam’s secrets.
(d) Defeated the first crusade.

12. What criticism does Battraville say is leveled against Haitian art?
(a) It is transcendent.
(b) It is not particular enough.
(c) It is not universal.
(d) It is too universal.

13. What brainstorm does Hinkle Von Vampton have about the Talking Android?
(a) He will become the Talking Android himself.
(b) He will keep the identity of the Talking Android secret.
(c) He will brainwash PaPaLaBas.
(d) He will put Safecracker Gould in blackface.

14. How does Battraville describe the whites’ war against Haiti?
(a) As a preemptive strike against the Jes Grew.
(b) A war of conquest.
(c) A race war.
(d) A centuries-old Holy War.

15. How long does Black Herman’s treatment of Earline last?
(a) A couple of hours.
(b) A day.
(c) A couple of days.
(d) An hour.

Short Answer Questions

1. How are the times described at the beginning of Chapter 53?

2. What language has Abdul Hamid translated the Book into?

3. Who notices the unusual black ship at the pier?

4. Where is Abdul Hamid’s translated manuscript?

5. How long will it be before Earline is alright after Black Herman’s treatment?

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