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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who learned VooDoo from Moses, according to VooDoo tradition?
(a) Israelites.
(b) Christians.
(c) South Americans.
(d) Syrians.

2. What is the name of the black freighter?
(a) The Black Hope.
(b) The White Death.
(c) The Black Plume.
(d) The Rusty Skull.

3. What did Pharaoh do to quiet the crowd?
(a) Did Osiris’ dance.
(b) Sang Jethro’s songs.
(c) Invented a new song.
(d) Read from Isis’ book.

4. Who greets PaPaLaBas and T Malice at the Mumbo Jumbo Kathedral?
(a) Charlotte.
(b) A spirit.
(c) Earline.
(d) A cop.

5. What happened when The Hunter approached Moses?
(a) He offered Moses his daughter’s hand in marriage.
(b) He beat Moses badly.
(c) The Atonist thugs killed him.
(d) He told Moses why his music was wrong.

6. How long does Black Herman’s treatment of Earline last?
(a) A couple of hours.
(b) A couple of days.
(c) A day.
(d) An hour.

7. Where does Black Herman go, after handing over Hinkle Von Vampton and Safecracker Gould?
(a) To track down a jewel.
(b) To take some time off.
(c) To find a girl.
(d) To find a missing manuscript.

8. What does Moses do at Mt. Horeb?
(a) Feast and celebrate.
(b) Write the Book of Thoth.
(c) Fast and mediate.
(d) Meet Isis.

9. What language has Abdul Hamid translated the Book into?
(a) Proper English.
(b) The brother on the street’s language.
(c) Ancient Egyptian.
(d) Academic language.

10. Who objects to the arrest of Hinkle Von Vampton?
(a) Hierophant 1.
(b) The Guianese art critic.
(c) The black painter.
(d) The Lebanese dancer.

11. How was Jethro’s music received when Moses played it in Egypt?
(a) The people danced.
(b) He was hissed.
(c) Reviews were mixed.
(d) He was celebrated.

12. What comes from the black freighter?
(a) The pulse of drums.
(b) The sound of laughter.
(c) Explosions of light.
(d) The scent of lavender.

13. Who does Hinkle Von Vampton think will be a good Talking Android?
(a) Berbelang.
(b) Safecracker Gould.
(c) PaPaLaBas.
(d) Woodrow Wilson Jefferson.

14. To what does Battraville compare feeding the loas?
(a) Supporting jazz musicians.
(b) Smashing jazz records.
(c) Selling bootleg liquor.
(d) Publishing black poetry.

15. Who does Earline say she is married to?
(a) Biff Musclewhite.
(b) Hinckle Von Vampton.
(c) All black men.
(d) PaPaLaBas.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the Spiraling Agony?

2. What did Osiris ban?

3. What was Set known for, in PaPaLaBas’ story?

4. Why does Biff Musclewhite say he had to kill Charlotte?

5. What does Battraville say was the first thing the Marines did in Haiti?

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