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The Jes Grew

This is an affliction characterized by dancing and ecstatic visions and dancing. Reed describes it as “an anti-plague,” which is really “the delight of the gods.” (p 6).

The Walflower Order

This group - the people who do not dance—does the dirty work of suppressing the main affliction in this book.

Mumbo Jumbo

This defined in the beginning of the novel as “the magician who makes the troubled spirits of ancestors go away.” (p. 7).

The Atonist Path

This is the cause for which whites labor, and the reason for suppressing the Jes Grew. The Mayor of New Orleans accepts the dagger for this.

Mumbo Jumbo Kathedral

This is where PaPaLaBas holds his practice, at 119 West 136th Street in Harlem.


These are spirits in Haitian Voodoo. PaPaLaBas makes offerings to them (feeds them) and Abdul Hamid mocks him for his spiritualism, when real, practical political...

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