Mumbo Jumbo Character Descriptions

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The Mayor of New Orleans

At the beginning of Mumbo Jumbo, this character is called away from his floozy Zuzu by the news that the Jes Grew is making people sick.


This group consists of ‘art-nappers’ who steal indigenous people’s fetishes.

The Talking Android

This is a device being developed to “will work within the Negro, to drive out [the Jes Grew], categorize it analyze it expel it slay it” (p. 17).

Buddy Jackson

This character is the leader of a gang of blacks who go under the sign of Prince Hall founder of African Lodge #1 of the Black Masons. He chases the “Sarge of Yorktown” out of Harlem and threatens his life if he returns.

Warren G. Harding

This character is President of the U.S.A. and is a prominent figure in Mumbo Jumbo. He vows to fight the Jes Grew, but he is...

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