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Section 1 (Chapters 1-6)

• The Jes Grew has broken out and is spreading across the country with wild dancing and ecstatic behavior.

• The Wallflower Order is intent on stopping the spread of the Jes Grew and developing a Talking Android to civilize the blacks who are susceptible to it.

• The Masons and Warren G. Harding attempt to stop the dancing by prosecuting people who spread the Jes Grew.

Section 2 (Chapters 7-12)

• Buddy Jackson Schlitz, the Sarge of Yorktown, comes to collect money from Harlem businesses; Buddy Jackson and his gang shoot up their cars and chase them away.

• As the Jes Grew spreads, the Marines invade Haiti to capture the heart of VooDoo.

• PaPaLaBas and Berbelang use VooDoo to treat their parishioners, and Abdul Hamid is determined to translate the VooDoo Book into English.

Section 3 (Chapters 13-17)

• Hinkle Von Vampton is fired from his job at the New York...

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