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Short Answer Questions

1. What connection do they make?

2. How does Bert seem?

3. Finally, who enters the room?

4. When does the first scene of the second act begin?

5. How does Bert react to her suggestion?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Bert used to be Norwood's favorite. Part 1) Why might Bert have been Norwood's favorite? Part 2) What changed this? How is Norwood to blame for this change? Part 3) How does Norwood's attitude towards Bert reflect how he feels about the rest of his children with Cora and possibly his other "darkies" as well?

Essay Topic 2

Sallie secretly is training to be a school teacher. Part 1) Why is this a secret? Why does the Colonel send her to school in the first place? Part 2) How does the Colonel's sending Sallie to school reflect his attitude towards his mulatto children? Part 3) Why might Sallie want to be a school teacher? How would Norwood react if he was to find out? Why?

Essay Topic 3

This play has a sociopolitical theme. Part 1) What clues or characteristics make this apparent? Part 2) What is the significance of this theme? Part 3) How is the play and theme relevant today? Would any aspects of this play need to be changed to be more engaging for a modern audience? Why or why not?

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